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Презентація на тему:
Emma Roberts

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Emma Roberts

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Слайд 1

Emma Roberts

Слайд 2

Early years Roberts was born 10 February 1991 in Rhinebeck, New York. She is the daughter of actor Eric Roberts and Kelly Cunningham. She also has a half sister, Grace.

Слайд 3

During her childhood, Roberts spent time on the sets of her aunt Julia Roberts' films. These experiences sparked a desire in Emma, from the age of five, to follow her father and aunts into the film industry. Her mother wanted to have a normal childhood.

Слайд 4

career Roberts made her acting debut at age nine in 2001 drama Blow. It was the first film for which she ever auditioned. On February 7, 2013, The Hollywood Reporter confirmed that Roberts was cast to star a pilot for Fox called Delirium, based on the Lauren Oliver novels.

Слайд 5

She next appeared in the third season of the horror anthology series American Horror Story in late-2013 through 2014.

Слайд 6

Music career In 2005, Roberts had a debut album Unfabulous and More. The album was released on September 27, 2005 "My musical career is indefinitely on hold. I don't like people who become like 'actor slash singer.' I think people should be one or the other because usually you're not going to be great at both. You're going to better at one, so you might as well stick to the one you're good at. I'm going for acting."

Слайд 7

Personal life In April 2011, Roberts began dating Glee star Chord Overstreet; they had a difficult relationship and were broken up by January 2012

Слайд 8

Roberts began dating actor Evan Peters in mid-2012.On July 7, 2013, Roberts was arrested for domestic violence against Peters in Montreal. Someone at the couple's hotel overheard a dispute coming from their room and called police, who arrived to find Peters with a bloody nose and several bite marks. Roberts was released several hours after her arrest when Peters declined to press charges. In a joint statement, Roberts and Peters called it "an unfortunate incident and misunderstanding," and stated that they "are working together to move past it ."Media reports on January 6, 2014 said they had become engaged over the holidays.

Слайд 9

Her favorite books include Her favorite books include "Elsewhere" by Gabrielle Zevin and the "A-List" novels. and the

Слайд 10

Hugh Laurie James Hugh Calum Laurie, (born 11 June 1959), known as Hugh Laurie /ˌhjuː ˈlɒri/, is an English actor, comedian, writer, musician, and director.

Слайд 11

childhood Laurie was born in Oxford, Oxfordshire. The youngest of four children, Laurie has an older brother named Charles Laurie and two older sisters named Susan and Janet. He had a strained relationship with his mother, Patricia He notes that his mother, "was Presbyterian by character, by mood“ and that he was "a frustration to her... she didn't like me"

Слайд 12

career He first became known as one half of the Fry and Laurie double act. From 2004 to 2012, he played Dr. Gregory House for which he received two Golden Globe awards, two Screen Actors Guild awards and six Emmy nominations.

Слайд 13

films 1981 The Cellar Tapes 2010 Family Guy 2015 Tomorrowland

Слайд 14

Music career Laurie took piano lessons from the age of six years old. He sings and plays piano, guitar, drums, harmonica and saxophone. He is a vocalist and keyboard player for the Los Angeles charity rock group Band From TV.

Слайд 15

writing In 1996, Laurie's first novel, The Gun Seller, was published and became a best-seller. He has since been working on the screenplay for a film version. His second novel, The Paper Soldier, was scheduled for September 2009, but has yet to appear.

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