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Emily Carr

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Emily Carr

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Слайд 1

Emily Carr ( 1871 – 1945 ) Nosova Natalya

Слайд 2

Emily Carr was a Canadian artist. She was born in Victoria British Columbia in 1871. She studied art in San Francisco California, in London England and in Paris France. Nosova Natalya

Слайд 3

Most of her more famous paintings were from her travels in British Columbia. She visited a large number of west coast aboriginal communities from Vancouver Island in the south to Alaska in the north. Nosova Natalya

Слайд 4

She wrote about their culture and traditions. She drew and painted pictures of their communities. Nosova Natalya

Слайд 5

She painted pictures of totem poles and villages. She documented the culture of the Haida of the Queen Charlotte Islands as well as the Gitxsan & Tsimshian who lived in the area surrounding the Skeena River in northwestern British Columbia. Nosova Natalya

Слайд 6

Emily Carr also painted landscapes. She liked to paint trees, forests and skies. By the time she died in 1945, she was well known across Canada as well as in the United States and in Europe. Nosova Natalya

Слайд 7

Nosova Natalya

Слайд 8

Nosova Natalya Listen to the text and mark the statements ≪True≫ (T) or ≪False≫ (F). 1. Emily Carr was born in Victoria, British Columbia. 2. Emily Carr never left Canada. 3. Many of her paintings are of trees and forests.

Слайд 9

Nosova Natalya Fill in the Blanks: 4. Emily Carr painted pictures of Haida people and villages in the _____________Islands. 5. She studied art in many places including San ____________, California and _________ England. 6. The Skeena River is in ______________ British Columbia. 7. Emily Carr died in ___________. 8. She painted many pictures of _________ poles that she saw in Haida & Gitxsan villages. 9. When Emily Carr died she was ______________ in Canada and other places.

Слайд 10

Nosova Natalya

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