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"Welcome to NY"

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"Welcome to NY"

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Слайд 1

Welcome to NEW YORK Prepared by Iryna Napadiy & Marta Dombrovska 2014

Слайд 2

New York City is in the state of New York. It`s not the capital , but it is the largest city in the country. There are 50 states in America. One of them is New York.

Слайд 3

The state of New York New York City

Слайд 4

Part № 1 New words and names to describe New York • To talk about New York we`ll need new words and expressions: some names of places and main attractions of this great city, the name of the river in New York.

Слайд 5

• Let`s see New York`s most famous sights: the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, the Rockefeller Center , the Pan American Building, the Statue of Liberty …

Слайд 6

2. The Chrysler Building

Слайд 7

4. The Pan American Building, now named MetLife

Слайд 8

A bird`s eye view of Manhattan`s famous skyscrapers

Слайд 9

New York is a show in itself

Слайд 10

The Big Apple`s mega star is the Empire State Building • It took less than two years to build it (one year and 45 days). • The building has 103 floors. • Total height is 443.2 meters to top of the lightning rod. • It is the world`s greatest TV tower (1,454 feet)

Слайд 11

Слайд 12

The Statue of Liberty • The millions of immigrants who had to come to America by sea were welcomed by a very tall woman, America`s symbol of freedom. • The woman is still there looking out to sea. She is the Statue of Liberty, one of the most famous symbols of America. • This monument was built in New York Harbor in 1886. It was a gift from the people of France.

Слайд 13

Sightseeing tours with helicopters • You can book a helicopter tour. It includes Liberty Island and Midtown, which gives you a perfect opportunity to get a bird`s eye view of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.

Слайд 14

The Rockefeller Center • Located in the center of Midtown Manhattan, Rockefeller Center or Rockefeller Plaza is a complex of 19 commercial buildings. • NBC studios, Radio City Music Hall are among them.

Слайд 15

The Chrysler Building • The Chrysler Building was the world`s tallest building until the Empire State Building came along. • The Building was finished in 1927. • The Chrysler Building was done in art deco style. • The 77-floor building is located in Midtown Manhattan.

Слайд 16

The Guggenheim Museum

Слайд 17

• Named the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in honor of its founder, the museum is in fact better known for its amazing building. • The museum was opened in 1959 and immediately became the focus of critics. • It was designed by the famous architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, who broke all the old standard rules and came up with a totally new concept of style. • Look at its shape!

Слайд 18

Broadway is the most famous street in New York. It is one of the longest avenues in Manhattan (25 km.), but it is famous not only for this fact.

Слайд 19

It is also famous for the small area near Times Square where Broadway crosses 7th Avenue. This is the home of many Broadway theaters and is known as the “Theater District” . The lights from all the theaters and advertisements are very bright.

Слайд 20

• New Yorkers and tourists like to celebrate New Year in Times Square. On New Year`s Eve, December 31, crowds of people stand in Times Square and wait for midnight.

Слайд 21

Central Park

Слайд 22

• Central Park is so huge that you can get lost there. It can be called the lungs of New York. • Central Park is used by thousands of New Yorkers and visitors every day. Here you will see families walking their dogs and young people riding their bikes and roller-skating.

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