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Презентація на тему:
Welcome the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Welcome the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

“Welcome the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland”

Слайд 2

Phonetics [æ] travel, capital, gallery [ei] play, place, stadium [ju:] museum, new, beautiful [i] big, pig, different [a:] park, car, art [i:] see, meet, week

Слайд 3

Agree or disagree Trafalgar Square is in London. Moscow is the capital of the UK. Moscow is different from London. London is the biggest city of the UK. There are a lot of places to visit in London. London is not a beautiful city.

Слайд 4

Great Britain The UK is an English-speaking country. The capital of the country is London. The UK is situated on the British Isles lying off the north-western coast of Europe and separated from the continent by the English Channel.

Слайд 5

Test yourself London St. Paul’s Cathedral Westminster Abbey Buckingham Palace The west End Trafalgar Square is the official residence of the Queen is the seat of the British Parliament is the greatest church in Britain is the richest and most beautiful part is the geographical centre in London its political, business and cultural centre

Слайд 6

Westminster Abbey Westminster Abbey was founded in 1050 and it is situated in the centre of London. Many great Englishmen were buried in the Abbey: Newton, Darwin and other.

Слайд 7

Trafalgar Square Trafalgar Square is one of them and it is in the centre of the West End. One can see a statue of Lord Nelson in the middle of this square.

Слайд 8

Big Ben Big Ben is the biggest clock bell in Britain. It weighs 13,5 tons.

Слайд 9

Windsor Castle Windsor Castle standing on a rock over looking the river Thames, was founded by William the Conqueror. Nowadays it is a place, where the Royal family can relax.

Слайд 10

Whitehall Whitehall is the street. It is often associated with the government of Britain. Downing Street, which is a small side street of Whitehall, is the home of the Prime Minister who lives at number ten.

Слайд 11

London Zoo Regent’s park, which was also originally a hunting park, is now the home of London Zoo.

Слайд 12


Слайд 13

“My heart…” My heart’s in the Highlands? Farewell to the North! Farewell to the Highlands! The birthplace of valour The country of worth! Farewell to the mountains High cover’d with snow! Farewell to the straths And green valleys below Farewell to the forests And wild-hanging woods. И доблести край! Отечество славы В горах мое сердце! Прощайте, горы! Под кровлей снегов! Север, прощай! Прощайте, вершины И скаты лугов! Прощайте долины! Прощайте поникшие в бездну леса!

Слайд 14

Complete the table: Country Capital People Language Symbol 1. England 2. Edinburgh 3. Welsh 4. Irish shamrock

Слайд 15

Test yourself Great Britain consist of … Great Britain is separated from the continent by … Britain’s population is … The head of state in Britain is … Westminster is a … centre of London The busiest and most populated region in Britain is … The national emblem of England is …

Слайд 16

Results “The world is the book, and those who do not travel, read only a page!” (St. Augustine) “The world is a book and the UK is its wonderful page!”

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