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Shop assistant appraiser store Administrator IT-specialist head personnel *

Слайд 4

More time buyers, less time on trading Loyalty system helps you find your way to the heart of the client Quick Look residues other stores order to the supplier Save time by pipelining scheme receiving the goods, inventory Benefits for Shop assistant *

Слайд 5

Accounting location jewelry in stock and on the trading floor Automatic generation of jewelry prices Reducing human error Preventing fraud in the performance of trading operations Facilitating the process of ordering new collections Control of labor discipline Predefined report templates Benefits for the store administrator *

Слайд 6

Easy scalability Quick Launch store with "zero" Compatible software and hardware Automatic data exchange centralized update Detailed setting of user rights Benefits for IT-specialist *

Слайд 7

specialized solution Flexible system for the implementation of marketing ideas Formation of analytical reports in the context of any data taken into account system Reducing costs through timely informed decision-making Implementation of an effective system of staff motivation Reducing human error Control of the organization in the online mode optimal Cost Benefits Executive *

Слайд 8

Accounting for additional features: Indication of the product weight in grams hallmark inset size manufacturer Description of species nomenclature *

Слайд 9

Accounting staff time Ability to control the timely processing of documents sellers shop Automatic generation of regulatory documents Control of staff *

Слайд 10

Centralized, decentralized and mixed control pricing Assortment matrix and segmentation products Registration data counting device marketing *

Слайд 11

marketing interest rebate 1.  cards by type accumulative discount 2.division stores 3.on the amount of the check 4.Time Actions 5.on the quantity of goods 6.discounts kontragenam *

Слайд 12

Gift Certificates sale Redemption by purchasing Multiplicity one control the sale and redemption movement write-off marketing *

Слайд 13

Loyalty service allows the user to arrange a suitable system to him bonuses Changing conditions of bonuses depending on ongoing marketing campaigns Different variants of calculation of bonuses Flexible customization of the bonus system Bonus program Loyalty *

Слайд 14

Dining calculation and bonuses: Discount - Bonuses made on customer's card in the form of a discount from the amount of the check Deposit - an alternative gift certificates. Allow the user to replenish the balance Mixed - accrual of bonuses is made on the customer's card in the form of a discount from the amount of the check with the ability to recharge Bonus program Loyalty *

Слайд 15

Our address is: Khartsyzsk, Metallurgy Street, 8 Phone / Fax: +38 (066) 364-87-81 Internet: www.solutions.1c.ru E-mail: ckt@1c.ru *

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