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Eco Action Team

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Eco Action Team

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Lina F. 11-c

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We chose 3 areas we needed to work on for our action plan: Waste minimisation Improving school biodiversity Saving energy

Слайд 5

WHAT HAVE WE DONE? We collect fruit and kitchen waste and compost daily

Слайд 6

WHAT HAVE WE DONE? New labels and signs have been put up in each class room reminding children of recycling and reusing paper and fruit waste

Слайд 7

WHAT HAVE WE DONE? Painted propaganda posters on environmental issues

Слайд 8

WHAT HAVE WE DONE? Whole school recently participated in ‘Switch Off fortnight’ February 2015. Highlighting the importance of saving energy at school and home and the concern of global warming.

Слайд 9

Come check us out - new members always welcome! We meet Tuesday at 5:00 pm in the office №43. If you want to enroll in our eco-organization, then please contact with our school administrators Vita Mikhailova.

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