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"Healthy life"

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"Healthy life"

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Healthy life

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The highest average longevity in Japanese - 79 years, Greeks, Canadians, Australians and Swedes live to about 78 years, the Germans and the Americans, the figure is 76 years. Russian and Turks live on average 67 years old, but the average duration of life of Nigerians and Somalis in times less - about 47 years.

Слайд 4

Grow your brain Try to spend more time for crossword puzzles , playing games to develop thinking , learn something new , such as a foreign language. Try to abandon elementary calculations on the calculator , and try to make the calculations in mind. In developing your brain to make it work , you thereby slow irreversible age degradation of mental abilities. Everything else, forcing the brain to work you activate the heart, blood circulation in the body and are contributing to better metabolism .

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Easy food It turns out that most of those dishes that we eat is not adapted to our diet and very poorly digested. If you have wondered how to live to 100 years, you will need to abandon most meats, become a vegetarian. Add to your diet more vegetables, fruits and always eat plenty of clean water.

Слайд 7

Drop all the bad habits Try to get rid of their bad habits (smoking, alcohol abuse, overeating, food in fast foods, and more), thus you strengthen yourself, your body and increase your chances to live to 100 years old.

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