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We are Ukrainians

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We are Ukrainians

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Слайд 1

We are Ukrainians Підготувала учитель англійської мови Пугачівської ЗОШ І-ІІІ ступенів Куріченкова Ольга Сергіївна

Слайд 2

The National Symbols of Ukraine

Слайд 3

The national emblem-is trident The first imagine of a trident appeared in the IX century

Слайд 4

The Constitution of Ukraine The Constitution of Ukraine was proclaimed on 28 of June 1996.

Слайд 5

The Anthem Ukraine's glory has not perished, nor her freedom. Upon us, brothers Ukrainians, fate shall smile once more. Our enemies will vanish, like dew in the morning sun, And we too shall rule, brothers, in a free land of our own. Stand together for freedom, from the Sian to the Don, We will not allow others to rule in our Motherland. The Black Sea will smile and grandfather Dnipro will rejoice, For in our own Ukraine fortune shall flourish again. Our persistence and our sincere toils will be rewarded, And freedom's song will resound throughout all of Ukraine. Echoing off the Carpathians, and rumbling across the steppes, Ukraine's fame and glory will be known among all nations. We'll lay down our souls and bodies to attain our Liberty, And we'll show that we, brothers, are of the Cossaks nation. The lyrics to the anthem of Ukraine were written by P.Chubunsky-a scientist and poet-in 1862.The music was composed by M.Verbytsky.

Слайд 6

Ukrainian Flag The Ukrainian flag consist of two horizontal stripes. The top is blue the bottom is yellow .Blue the colors of sky and golden fields.

Слайд 7

The National Symbol OF UKRAINE

Слайд 8

Guelder roses

Слайд 9

Ukrainian House

Слайд 10

Ukrainian Towel

Слайд 11

Ukrainian embroidery

Слайд 12

Symbol of Ukrainian family

Слайд 13

National clothes

Слайд 14

Its our native country!!!

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