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We are fond of pets

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We are fond of pets

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Слайд 1

We are fond of pets Корнилова Наталья Геннадьевна

Слайд 2

Урок английского языка We Are Fond Of Pets

Слайд 3

"We are fond of pets" Remember... All pets need love and care just as you do! Don't hurt them!

Слайд 4

What would you like to do at the lesson today? to develop writing and speaking skills; to get new information about pets; to present the project; to know about my classmates’ pets; to develop auditory skills; to recite poems.

Слайд 5

I My cat is black. My cat is fat. I like my cat. It is my pet.

Слайд 6

Слайд 7

Caring for Your Pets. Your pet must have fresh water all the time. Feed your pet the right food regularly Some pets need special homes. Keep them clean. Some pets need help keeping themselves clean, too Most pets need exercise to keep themselves healthy and happy. Some pets play with toys. Make sure your pet has safe toys. Some pets must be walked outside to go to the bathroom. Set aside time (установи) to do this. Other pets need a special place. Keep it clean. Many pets must go to the vet for their yearly checkup (осмотр). Make sure you do this. If your pet looks sick, bring it to your vet. REMEMBER …….

Слайд 8

All pets need love and care just as you do! Don't hurt them!

Слайд 9

HW: Find Russian equivalents for these sayings and proverbs about animals Proverbs. When the cat is away, the mice will play. All cats are grey at night. The early bird catches the worm. Every bird likes its own nest. To kill two birds with one stone. It is a good horse that never stumbles. A cat may look at a king. Do not count your chickens before they are hatched. If you run after two hares, you will catch neither. First catch your hare, then cook him. Better an egg today then a hen tomorrow. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. Sayings To take the bull by the horns. When pigs can fly. Give a lark to catch a kite. To put the cart before the horse. To kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. Barking dogs seldom bite. Love me, love my dog. Every dog has his day. That is a horse of another colour. One should not look a gift horse in the mouth. To work like a horse. To follow like sheep.

Слайд 10

Слайд 11

Resources 1. К.И.Кауфман, М.Ю.Кауфман – учебник англ.языка для 6 класса -Обнинск: Титул,2009.-256с. 2. Словарь английских пословиц и фразеологических выражений.-Смоленск: Русич,2001.-560 с. 3. "English for children" №9-10-1994г. 4. http://www.zoovet.ru/img/jemchyj.jpg 5. http://www.zoovet.ru/forum_foto/364066.jpg 6. http://i.bigmir.net/img/prikol/images/large/9/3/114339.jpg 7. http://images.v-teme.com/media/images/posts/viewphoto/80876.jpg 8. http://cat133.pluspicture.ru/images/16/133/orig_25_12975585078deF2n7E6H.jpg 9. http://cat133.pluspicture.ru/images/16/133/orig_13_1297558476haAF7b6eZr.jpg 10. http://www.zoovet.ru/img/japan.jpg 11. http://i.bigmir.net/img/prikol/images/large/9/3/114339_173967.jpg 12. http://i.bigmir.net/img/prikol/images/large/9/3/114339_173969.jpg 13. http://img1.liveinternet.ru/images/attach/c/1//58/413/58413131_7eafefff33a9.jpg

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