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In many parts of the world (for example, in the tropical forests of South America and Africa) deforestation occurs in high quantities.

Слайд 3

It is very profitable to be in the tree business and that is the reason many people seek to be hired in this area of business rather then any other.

Слайд 4

Even with the positive aspect of the wages, deforestation is damaging the Earth, her animals and her natural resources.

Слайд 5

One example of the negative effects caused by the cutting down of trees is that it will eventually lead to a lack of oxygen in the air. Trees eat carbon dioxide and, in turn, produce fresh oxygen into the air. It's a cycle change dramatically if a large percentage of trees in the world are destroyed.

Слайд 6

Another example of a negative effect cause by deforestation is many species are killed, and with concern to the rainforest, many endangered species have no hope to survive. When deforestation occurs, animals homes are destroyed and they are with them.

Слайд 7

The third negative effect, is shown that plants cut down, burn and destroy to release a place for cars. In the rain forest there have been many plants that proved useful in medical procedures and even plants that cure such things as cancer or reduce the white blood-cell counts.

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Слайд 9

Hopefully, sooner or later people will realize that deforestation is unnecessary.

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