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Презентація на тему:
Catholic Church

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Catholic Church

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Слайд 1

Catholic Church

Слайд 2

Division of the church Christianity West (Catholics) The center was in Rome East-Greek (orthodox believers) The center was in Constantinople 1054

Слайд 3

Vatican is the center of Catholic church

Слайд 4

Vatican City is the smallest independent state in the world in terms of inhabitants and size. It occupies an area of 44 hectares. Vatican City State is governed as an absolute monarchy. The Head of State is the Pope who holds full legislative, executive and judicial powers.

Слайд 5

1. Rome church was created by common God. 2. Only roman bishop has the right to be called as universal. 3. Only he can depose bishops and restore them 4. Only he has the right dispose the signs of imperator highs (достоинства). 5. All princes kiss his feet. 6. Only his name mentioned in the church. 7. He is the only named as a pope 8. Only he can depose the imperators 9. Nobody can abolish his decisions, but he can abolish the decisions of other people. 10. Nobody can judge him»

Слайд 6

Religious doctrines Holy Writ (The Bible) Holy Legend

Слайд 7

Catholic bishops get never married (celibate обет безбрачия)

Слайд 8

Catholics worship to relicts, cult of martyrs ['mɑːtə] and holy fools

Слайд 9

The differences from Orthodox church Catholic church confesses in the symbol of belief, that holy spirit come from god father and his son (the filioque филиокве) Catholic church forbids divorces. Catholic church proclaims a dogma about chaste conception of virgin Mary. Catholic church accept the dogma about domination of the Pope

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