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Business and businesses

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Business and businesses

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Business and businesses

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Key words and meanings A firm or a company-a business organization Corporation-large company Multinationals-large companies operating in many countries An enterprise-small company with risk-taking nature Start-up-that is just being started Branch out-to diversify Commerce-trading Establishing a business-starting up a business To do business-to trade or deal with a company Go out of business-complete your business career Diversify business-enter new types of businesses Profit-gained money

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Don`t confuse!

Слайд 5

Interesting idioms Make it my business-делать что-либо,даже если для этого потребуется вмешаться в чужие дела *The mother always makes it her businesses to know exactly what her children are doing Mind one`s own business-не лезть в чужие дела *I asked my friend to mind his own business when he asked me about my problems with my father

Слайд 6

Business organization and the economy

Слайд 7

When you buy products in a small amount When you buy products in large amount with good sales Owned by the state Owned by private individuals

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Слайд 9

Don`t confuse To find-to discover by searching or by chance To found-to establish

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Слайд 11

Company which cannot offer it`s shares to public Company whose shares can be bought and sold

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Слайд 13

Business relationship

Слайд 14

Is a group consisting of a lot of different companies in different businesses run as one large company Is a group of companies which come together to undertake a project which any one of the members cannot carry out alone

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Слайд 18

When two or more companies decide to work together

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Слайд 20

Friendly takeover Hostile takeover

Слайд 21

Is a situation in which a company is bought out when the owner don`t want to sell it Individuals or companies that want to take over other company are called RAIDERS

Слайд 22

A friendly company who saves takeovered company from raiders When reduced the holding of the company attempting the takeover,and makes the takeover more expensive.Poison pill involves issuing new shares at a big discount

Слайд 23

Remember Buyout- the purchase of a company usually by buying the majority of shares Restructuring-reorganizing a business with the aim of making it more efficient and profitable

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The company is run by a Board of Directors; each Director is in charge of a department People at the head of an organization are often called senior executives Most companies have Finance,Sales,Marketing,Production,Research and Development and Personnel Department The Director is responsible for strategic planning and for making decisions

Слайд 27

There are 3 levels of management: 1.Top management 2.Middle management 3.Supervisiry management

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