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British school

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British school

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The school year in Britain starts in September. The lessons last 40-45 minutes. British pupils wear a school uniform. The favourite colors are blue, grey, black and green. The first foreign language they learn at school is French. Sometimes they also learn a second foreign language: German, Spanish, Russian. British students have Christmas holidays, Easter holidays and Summer holidays. Schools also have special half-term holidays in the middle of each term. These holidays last 2-3 days before or after a weekend.

Слайд 3

School uniform

Слайд 4

Schools in England and America use their own marks: letters or percentage A – 90-100 -excellent , B – 80-89 – good, C – 70-79 – satisfactory, D – 60-69 bad, E – 0-59 poor.

Слайд 5

In Britain at the end of each term school sends a report to parents. It has the pupil’s marks in all the subjects and the teacher’s comments on the pupil’s progress. In Russia: during the term the pupils keep a homework diary. At the end of each term the form teacher puts all the final marks there. And the parents should sign it.

Слайд 6

All the pupils have there own lockers (запирающийся шкафчик). In most British schools each pupils has two lockers: a gym locker and a hall locker. The lockers are important and guarantee the safety of the pupils’ belongings.

Слайд 7

At the age of twelve Russian students go to the sixth form. In most English schools forms start only at the secondary school, at the age of eleven. So at the age of twelve British students go to the second form.

Слайд 8

Susan is 13. She goes to Earlham Comprehensive School. This is her timetable for Wednesday. The school day starts with assembly. All schools orgonise a short daily meeting for the whole schools to give important information and give some form or religious worship (богослужение) 9.00-9.45 Assembly 9.15-10.05 English 10.10-10.55 French 10.55-11.10 Break 11.10-11.55 Science 12.00-12.45 Music 12.45-1.45 Lunch 1.45-2.45 Science 2.45-3.30 Cooking Club

Слайд 9

The five minutes between lessons is not a break. Pupils must use this time to move quickly to the next lesson. During the lunch hour pupils have time to do many things besides eating. They can also read in the library, participate in clubs or sport, and go home. Some children go to Sunday school – classes giving religious instruction to children, organised by churches on Sundays. ed by churches on Sundays.

Слайд 10

In British culture In British culture schools have names, such as Manchester School, Mary Hampden School, Abbey Road What about your country?

Слайд 11

At English schools children call the male teachers Mr and the female teachers Miss/Mrs with the surname. What about your country?

Слайд 12

What do you know about British schools? Mark the following statements true or false. School day starts with assembly. British pupils go to school on Saturday. There are schools only for boys and only for girls in Britain. Children of your age can go to a grammar school in England. A school year in Britain has four terms. The marking system in Britain is similar to that in Russia. Science includes chemistry, physics, biology and mathematics. Prezented.Ru

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