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What is branding? Branding is "modern cultural language of the modern society basing on the market relations" Branding is the main way of differentiation of products and the instrument of advance of the goods on the market

Слайд 3

History of branding Branding was actively applied in the Middle Ages when shop handicraftsmen marked the goods with special brand   In early history of the United States of brand were often used for cattle identification The real blossoming of idea of branding fell on the second half of the twentieth century

Слайд 4

Branding — is the main task of any large company Creation and advance of a brand or branding are necessary for obtaining additional benefit from a certain product at the expense of penetration into consciousness of people, formation of the attachments based on feelings and emotions

Слайд 5

Brand creation & Brand advance

Слайд 6

Development of a brand In most cases development of a brand it not only branding of a new label in the market, but also change of an existing brand, that is rebranding Rebranding - a complex of actions for brand change, or its components: names, a logo, visual registration of a brand with positioning change

Слайд 7

Branding tools: Creation of a product concept Creation of a product conception means the development of new models of goods and services

Слайд 8

Branding tools: Creation of an advertising concept An advertising concept - the basis of the idea of branding - is a plan, paints, conditions, heroes of an advertising campaign, promotion and events. Outdoor signs Light box Media space for magazines and newspapers Catalogue

Слайд 9

Branding tools: Creation of marketing communications Marketing communications mean the process of transfer of information about the target audience products Strategic and tactical purchases of mass-media Media planning Negotiations with owners of the mass-media

Слайд 10

What is brandbook? Brandbook is the integral, intracorporate edition focused on employees of the company Brandbook — the official description of essence and values of a brand, company self-identification, and also forms and methods of their designation for employees and consumers

Слайд 11

Structure Elements of brandbook: Detailed description of the logotype All cores and firm complementary colors. Every possible variations of the logo. Documentation structure. Firm font of the company. The business documentation. Souvenir production of firm. Every possible images (photos, design).

Слайд 12

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