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Презентація на тему:
Bill Gates

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Bill Gates

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Слайд 1

Presentation on "Bill Gates" Finished student group GRS-12d Vinnytsia Trade Union Economic University Yagnich Taras Oleksandrovych

Слайд 2

Bill Gates was born in Seattle (Washington, USA) to the family of corporate lawyer William Henry Gates II, as well as Mary Maxwell Gates, who held executive positions on the board of several major American companies. Bill was the second child in the family, he has two sisters - the older Christie and the younger Libby.

Слайд 3

When the boy went to school, his parents wrote him to the most privileged school in Seattle - "Lakeside". The favorite subject for Bill was programming, to which he devoted almost all his free time. As a teenager, the American wrote his first game in Basic. Although these were simple "Tic-tac-toe," but for the boy they became the starting point in his future professional success.

Слайд 4

At the prestigious school in Seattle, the student began to develop programming skills on a minicomputer, but some subjects could hardly be strengthened. In particular, he considered lessons in grammar and civics as trivial, but in mathematics, the future billionaire had only the highest scores. In elementary school, Bill did not show results at all, and estimates disappoint parents so much that they turned to specialists for help. Agitated parents were forced to send their son to a psychiatrist.

Слайд 5

In high school, Bill meets Paul Allen, who will later become his main business partner, but at school, guys are more amused by hacking computer programs without thinking about the strategy for developing unique ideas. In 1970, together with his school friend, Bill wrote the first program to regulate traffic and organized a company for its distribution, which was called Traf-O-Data. This project brought the authors 20 thousand dollars. Such success forced the programmers to believe in their strength, defining the future strategy for implementing their own concepts for many years to come.

Слайд 6

In 1971, Bill and Paul even worked for the professional company Information Sciences. The guys wrote a payroll program, but they did not finish it completely, because the project was stopped. In addition, as schoolchildren, Gates and Allen worked for TRW, where they programmed part of the code for the project that the Bonneville Energy Department staff planned to use.

Слайд 7

In 1973, Bill Gates became a student at Harvard University. Of course, he was going to specialize in software, but the practical side of the case attracted a young man much more than the theory of science, so the unmotivated student missed many classes. Having studied only 2 courses, the beginning programmer was expelled from the university.

Слайд 8

In early 1975, Paul Allen learns that Micro Instrumentation and Telemetry Systems is releasing next-generation Altair 8800 computers. Bill Gates is bold enough to call Ed Roberts, who headed the organization. He tells Ed that he writes with a friend software specifically for the computers of a well-known corporation, but although it was not true, Bill's assertiveness is bearing fruit. Soon after the interview in MITS bosom friends become partners of a large company. The guys had to come up with a name for their company. Initially they planned the name "Allen and Gates", but for the high-tech market such names are not very typical. Then the guys looked at the name of the company-employer, determined with a specific phrase - Micro-Soft (Microprocessors and Software). During the year, the hyphen of the brand name disappeared, and in November 1976, the trademark "Microsoft" was registered.

Слайд 9

In 1976, Gates also introduced the implementation of licenses for proprietary software for direct use by computer manufacturers, which allowed them to "embed" new operating systems and programming languages in the PC. This innovation in the field of marketing significantly increased the income of the organization. MITS soon ceased to exist, but Microsoft was able to attract new customers. The corporation Apple, which was founded by Steve Jobs, and the company Commodore, as well as a major developer of computers Radio shack have become new partners of Microsoft.

Слайд 10

Gates and Allen began to plan the development of an innovative structure for decades. The share of investments from the very beginning has been distributed on a parity. Paul Allen invested only a third of the funds in the common cause, so he owned 36% of the shares, the rest belonged to Bill Gates. The co-founders also saw their place in the company in different ways. Allen concerned mainly technical issues, and the Gates Foundation focuses on the development of public relations, contracts and other business contacts. The result of Microsoft's work was the Microsoft Fortran operating system, which appeared in 1977. This OS can be safely considered the first full-fledged competitor of the standard CP / M system for computers based on Intel.

Слайд 11

In 1980, Microsoft achieved tremendous success by concluding a deal with a computer business monster, IBM Corporation. Gates and Allen were able to offer a more tempting and promising system for their new computer than the company Digital Research, with which IBM collaborated earlier. For the sake of justice, it should be noted that Gates's friendly acquaintance with the IBM executives John Opel and John Akers had a lasting impact on this goal. Nevertheless, soon enough the company Bill and Paul was able to offer the computer market a completely new system MS-DOS, which for a long time will become the main operating system for personal computers based on Intel. In 1985, Microsoft released a Windows system that differed from all previous competitors in graphic design. Thus, the computer era of Windows began, although the real breakthrough came only in 1993 after the appearance of the third version of this system - Windows 3.1.

Слайд 12

In 1986, Microsoft Corporation enters the stock markets. The value of the shares grew rapidly, and within a few months Bill Gates became a billionaire. Gradually, the company's position is growing. By 1988, Microsoft was already the largest computer software developer in the world. By 1998, Gates became the richest person in the world. Now the financial opportunities allowed him to focus on programming, and he announced that he was leaving the organization. Until 2006, Bill still answered Microsoft for a production strategy, but decided to resign from his business development responsibilities, saying that he wanted to devote his time to charity. Now Bill Gates is actively engaged in the implementation of various programs to provide assistance in different countries.

Слайд 13

In 1989, Gates founded Corbis. The main objective of this structure is the licensing of photos, videos, and other multimedia material to the media. The idea of Gates was that someday people will decorate houses not with real pictures, but with their electronic reproductions.

Слайд 14

To date, Corbis has exclusive rights to reproduce images of works of art in various museums around the world. The Petersburg Hermitage, the Philadelphia Art Museum and the London National Gallery constantly cooperate with the company of a famous American entrepreneur. Personally Bill Gates purchased a collection of rare works by Leonardo da Vinci, which are now on display at the Seattle Museum of Art. In autumn 2008, Gates registered a new company bgC3 (Bill Gates Company Three). This abbreviation means "The Third Company of Bill Gates". The main task of the organization is research and analytical. It is a center that provides scientific and technological services.

Слайд 15

In addition, Bill Gates today is a lot of charity. He and his wife Melinda are the founders of the world's largest charitable foundation "The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation", which provides assistance to all needy, regardless of nationality. The task of this enterprise is to support and improve the health system, as well as to overcome hunger in poor countries. From his own funds, Gates partially funded the presidential campaign of Republican George W. Bush in 2004, spending more than $ 30,000.

Слайд 16

In 1987, in New York at a meeting, Bill Gates met with a Microsoft employee, Melinda French. They were married on the first of January 1994. After 2 years, the couple had a daughter, Jennifer Katarin, and later - the son of Rory John and the daughter of Phoebe Adel. For a huge amount of money that Bill and Melinda spend annually on charity, Time Magazine in 2005 called them people of the year. In the same year, Bill received the title of Knight of the British Empire for his contribution to the development of innovative enterprises in the UK and efforts to reduce poverty in the world.

Слайд 17

How much money does Bill Gates have? Many people in the world have always been interested in this issue. According to Forbes magazine, in 2016 Bill Gates's fortune reached $ 90 billion. This is the maximum level of the state of the American entrepreneur in history. He is the richest person in the world.

Слайд 18

Every year, the founder of Microsoft takes the leading position in the rating of the financial and economic magazine. 13% of the state of the known billionaire is shares in Microsoft, and the rest is made up of investments in numerous enterprises from a wide range of industries. Analysts "Forbes" predict a further increase in the income level of a well-known businessman. The Gates family lives in the "house of the future", which is so called because of the huge amount of electronics that manages the whole estate. The house is located on the shores of Lake Washington and occupies about 12,000 square meters.

Слайд 19

Bill Gates often visits educational institutions around the world. During the speeches, he shares his experience and talks about his vision of global problems. Every time a famous businessman speaks to the public, he ends his speech with a certain phrase that in recent decades, the upbringing of children was conducted in the spirit of political correctness, creating a generation of people who do not possess the necessary skills to survive in the modern world. Co-founder of Microsoft Corporation is called one of the smartest people on the planet, because he is in a cohort of people with the highest level of intelligence. 160 - the level of IQ Bill Gates.

Слайд 20

Bill Gates is the author of two bestsellers. In new books, the entrepreneur decided to tell his success story. In 1995, the book The Road Ahead was published ("The Road Forward"), which was for a long time in the list of the best bestsellers of the American newspaper The New York Times. In 1999, Gates publishes the book Business the Speed of Thought ("Business with the speed of thought"). This creation was translated into 25 languages. The author in his publications tells about different ways of using computer technologies to solve problems in business. Revenues from the sale of both books were sent to non-profit organizations that support technology and education.

Слайд 21

Citations of Bill Gates Our modern way of life is not created by politicians. Until 1700, people were poor as church mice, and their lives were short and cruel. Everything changed when people began to actively invent. Yes, stability and education are extremely important, I will not argue with this, but the real engine of progress is innovation. • When you have a good idea, act immediately. • Life is unfair - get used to it. • Business - an exciting game in which the maximum of excitement is combined with a minimum of rules. • My children will not get billions. They should understand that it is necessary to work. • My forecast: by 2035 there will not be poor countries in the world (the poor - in the modern sense). States will find a way to use innovations to improve living standards. The human capital of these countries will significantly increase through education, and they will be able to attract investment. • I'm pleased to see how computers have ceased to be something exotic. They have become a tool that we use every day. Once this was my dream, which has now become a reality.

Слайд 22

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