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Ballet - kind of theatrics, the main means of expression which are inextricably linked music and dance. In 1910 he founded the first ballet company in America, the Chicago Opera Ballet. Ballet Chicago Opera Ballet

Слайд 3

Ballerina at all times as a symbol of femininity and beauty of this. Gracefulness of her movements, subtlety and majestic figure posture has always been an object of admiration and envy of men in women. Ballerina

Слайд 4

Classical ballet, not only uses eversion foot to create a unique dance. Classical ballet technique is peculiar, and a wide step in the dance, a certain plasticity, graceful jumps and rotations, plastic hand movements and excellent coordination. Classical ballet Neoclassical ballet uses a tighter terminology and the same technique as the classical dance. A distinctive feature of the same neo-classical ballet is that this style of dance in their productions more impetuous and quick. Neoclassical ballet

Слайд 5

Ballet Nouveau began to develop in the United States at the beginning of XX century. The development of modern dance becomes known choreographers the opportunity to show their skills. Ballet Nouveau The romantic ballet on stage the action unfolds, which symbolizes the fight against human and supernatural forces. In the era of Romantic ballet main characters are a variety of spirits and ghosts, a natural and mythological creatures. Developed a special technique of dance Romantic ballet

Слайд 6

"The Nutcracker" In America, the ballet "The Nutcracker" by Tchaikovsky's music - is synonymous with Christmas and winter holidays for children. Every, even the smallest company, the most unknown school shows in December, his version of the ballet "The Nutcracker" that the meaning is not too different from each other. The Nutcracker

Слайд 7

Dancer of his time can be regarded as Agrippina Vaganova. Vaganova became a symbol of the ballet. However, to reach certain heights Agrippina had a lot of work on themselves, and day and night to do choreography. Agrippina Vaganova

Слайд 8

Vaganova method from all the other teachers and individual attention to each pupil. All dancers who trained her, had a special bearing and sharp movements, had a lightness and grace, flexibility and harmony. Later Vaganova began to take advantage of ballet productions, even elements of acrobatics Vaganova Method

Слайд 9

Despite all the transformations, the American Ballet does not abandon their traditions. That is why the U.S. has a folk ballet blotches, and the musical accompaniment of action is the nature of jazz. Gradually, the American Ballet is gaining momentum and becoming a popular art form, which affects all aspects of life. Every year there are more theaters and troupes in every major city are unique ballet performances. Сhildren's ballet

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