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In an arranged marriage, the bride and groom are selected by a third party rather than by each other. It is especially common in royal and aristocratic  families around the world.

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TYPES OF ARRANGED MARRIAGES Child marriage: The parents of a small child (even infants) arrange a future marriage with another child's parents. Often the two children never even meet each other until the wedding ceremony, when they are both of an acceptable marriageable age – which differs based upon custom.

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Many people who have been married in this way do grow to love and cherish their spouses after the marriage.

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Exchange Marriage This form of marriage involves a reciprocal exchange of spouses between two nations, groups, or tribes. For example, among the Australian Aborigines, the ideal model of any marriage contract is that two men of different groups should marry each other's sisters.

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This creates a completely symmetrical arrangement, strengthened by the implicit threat that if one husband abuses his wife, the other husband can retaliate against his sister.

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Diplomatic Marriages are are arranged for political reasons, to cement alliances between royal families. The monarchs of Europe were all related by blood due to frequent diplomatic marriages.

Слайд 9

Introduction only The parents introduce their child to a potential spouse that they found through a personal recommendation or a website. The parents may briefly talk to the parents of the prospective spouse. From that point, it is up to the children to manage the relationship and make a choice based on whatever factors they value.

Слайд 10

Love-cum-arranged marriage This is matrimony between a mutually acceptable and consenting couple that has been facilitated by the couple’s parents. Etymological note: cum is Latin for “with" or “together with."

Слайд 11

Mail Order Sometimes, the term "arranged marriage" may be used even if the parents had no direct involvement in selecting the spouse. A "mail-order bride" is selected by a man from a catalog of women from other countries, sometimes with the assistance of a marriage agency.

Слайд 12

Modern arranged marriage The parents choose several possible mates for the child, sometimes with the help of the child.The parents will then arrange a meeting with the family of the prospective mate, and the two children will often have a short unsupervised meeting, such as an hour-long walk around the neighborhood.

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Modern arranged marriage with courtship This is similar to the modern arranged marriage, except that the children have a chance to get to know each other over a longer period of time via e-mail, phone, or multiple in-person meetings, before making a decision.

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‘Marriage à-la-mode’ by William Hogarth: a satire on arranged marriages and prediction of ensuing disaster

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