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Слайд 1

LESSON 3 Objectives: to develop students’ speaking and reading skills to enrich students’ vocabulary to develop students’ creative thinking

Слайд 2

WARM UP We go by car We go by land And we go by train. And sea, and air, We go by boat We go, go, go And we go by plane. From here to there there.

Слайд 3

MAIN PART 1. Answer the questions Is travelling popular nowadays? What ways of travelling do you know? What is the fastest way of travelling? What kind of travelling is popular for pleasure trips? What kinds of travelling are popular for business trips? What ways of getting about town do you know? What means of transport are there in our town? Where do they stop to pick up passengers? How many bus routes are there in our town? What proverbs about travelling do you know?

Слайд 4

2. Make up sentences I like (dislike) travelling by…because … Travelling by Plane Train Ship Hitch-hiking car bicycle bus is Exciting Dull Enjoyable Fast Slow Expensive Cheap Popular Tiring Comfortable Safe uncomfortable

Слайд 5

3. A role-play Imagine a situation. You are on a TV-studio. Some of you are famous sportsmen, doctors, singers, painters, actors. That is why a TV-reporter wants to know your view points about travelling. So, your task is to compare different kinds of travelling answering the reporter’s questions. You have to agree and disagree For example: TV-reporter: Hi! I am Kate P. I am a TV-reporter of the TV-studio “1+1”. I am glad to see you. I want to know your viewpoints on travelling. Which way of traveling do you prefer? P1: I prefer travelling by plane because it is exciting, fast and comfortable. TV-reporter: Do you agree with him? P2: No, I don’t agree. In my opinion travelling by plane is dull, tiring and expensive. I prefer …………

Слайд 6

4. Speaking a) TRAVELLING BY (TRAIN, PLANE, CAR, SHIP) advantages disadvantages When you travel by train you can but see the country much better sleep in the train get to your destination fresh read a lot in the train discuss different subjects with your fellow-travellers have your meals ……………. When you travel by car you can but never miss your train or ship make your own time-table stop wherever you wish travel for pleasure……………… When you travel by plane you can but get to your destination as quickly as possible save up your time……………….

Слайд 7

b) checking up the hometask (ex. 1 p. 82) Complete the sentences 1) Julia went to the airport.. a) by bus b) by taxi They put their suitcases ... a) on a cart b) on a trolley The airport was very ... a) quiet b) busy Some of the people stood at the a) souvenir shop b) check-in desk 5) When they got on the plane ... said 'hello' to them. a) a pilot b) an air hostess 6) It was fantastic when the plain started going… a) down onto the ground b) up into the air 7) Julia felt very… a) excited b) unhappy

Слайд 8

5. Reading WHERE IS MY TICKET? An old scientist, whom everybody in England knew very well, was travelling by train. When the ticket-inspec tor came to the scientist and asked him for his ticket, the old man began to look for it in his bag and suitcase, but could not find it. "There is no hurry," said the ticket-inspector, who knew the scientist very well. "I can come again at the next station." But at the next station it was just the same. The old scientist could not find his ticket. "That's all right," said the ticket inspector. "That's all right." "Oh, but I must find the ticket," said the man. "I want to know where I am going."

Слайд 9

Answer the questions Who was travelling by train? Was he famous in England or not? Could he find his ticket to show it to the ticket inspector? What happened at the next station? Why did the scientist want to find his ticket?

Слайд 10

SUMMING UP Your hometask is: ex.4 on p.83 THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

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