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Слайд 2

What is happiness ?

Слайд 3

What is unhappiness?

Слайд 4

At what age are people the happiest? Why?

Слайд 5

Can you name three things that make you happy?

Слайд 6

Can you name three things that make you unhappy?

Слайд 7

Do you think that happiness is inside you or does it depend on external things?

Слайд 8

Do you believe that money can buy happiness?

Слайд 9

Is there a secret to happiness?

Слайд 10

Having someone to love brings happiness. What is your opinion?

Слайд 11

How far do you agree with that?

Слайд 12

Nobody can make you happier than yourself. Does that sound selfish?

Слайд 13

Spirituality leads to peace of heart and happiness. What is your opinion?

Слайд 14

The ABC of happiness A - Aspire to reach your potential. B - Believe in yourself. C - Create a good life. D - Dream about what you might become. E - Exercise frequently. F - Forgive honest mistakes. G - Glorify the creative spirit. H - Humor yourself and others. I - Imagine great things. J - Joyfully live each day. K - Kindly help others. L - Love one another. M - Meditate daily. N - Nurture the environment. O - Organize for harmonious action. P - Praise performance well done. Q - Question most things. R - Regulate your own behaviour. S - Smile often. T - Think rationally. U - Understand yourself. V - Value life. W - Work for the common good. X - X-ray and carefully examine problems. Y - Yearn to improve. Z - Zestfully pursue happiness.

Слайд 15

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