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Anichkov Bridge

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Anichkov Bridge

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Слайд 1

Anichkov Bridge.

Слайд 2

Anichkov Bridge is one of the most famous in St. Petersburg. Anichkov Bridge over the Fontanka River is part of the Nevsky Prospekt. In 1715 Emperor Peter I issued an edict: For more on the Neva River Fountain Perspective to make a bridge for its construction spent 50 rubles. Then he became a border city.

Слайд 3

Anichkov bridge was wooden with a barrier gate at night fell. Here was the outpost through which drove to St. Petersburg. At the outpost checked passports, took payment for entry. Moreover, such a fee could be not only money, but also the stones that the city needed for the construction of streets.

Слайд 4

60 years later Anichkov bridge for the main street of St. Petersburg has become too narrow. In 1841 it was rebuilt by engineer JF Butatsa. Construction work was started on May 22, completed by the fall of the same year. New Anichkov bridge became stone. Inauguration of the crossing took place November 20, 1841. Movement on Anichkov bridge was opened in January 1842.

Слайд 5

In those years, the St. Petersburg sculptor animal painter Pyotr Karlovich Clodt worked on the decoration of the pier on the Neva River at the Admiralty Boulevard. Then its going to decorate the sculptures of horses, slave boys. But plans changed. On the pier were installed lions and vases. Had horses, at the suggestion of the sculptor, set on the western side of the bridge rebuilt Anichkova. On the eastern side established their plaster casts, painted bronze paint.

Слайд 6

In each group - wild horse and a young man who tries to rein in (put a bridle and make obedient). All sculptures are different. They talk about how the horse initially fiercely resisted, but later became a friend and helper of man.

Слайд 7

Во время блокады Ленинграда мост значительно пострадал от артналётов. Повреждения получили гранитные парапеты и секции перил. Переправа стала памятником блокады: на граните постамента коней Клодта специально не стали реставрировать след от осколков немецкого артиллерийского снаряда. Конные группы были закопаны во дворе Дворца пионеров. На гранитных постаментах были выставлены ящики с засеянной травой. От прямых попаданий бомб мост сильно пострадал. Но ещё до окончания войны он был восстановлен, а конные статуи были возвращены на место накануне 1 мая 1945 года. Снятие скульптур Клодта с Аничкова моста. 1941 г.

Слайд 8

Alexander Blok wrote about sculptures Anichkova bridge: Horse ... attracted by the bridle on cast iron? Bridge. Under the hoof blackened water.? Horse snorted and moonless air? Snoring remained on the bridge forever ...? All resided. Movement, suffering -? There was. Horse snoring forever.? And check in tense silence? Eternally frozen hanging man.

Слайд 9

The work is done students 8th classe Denis Ovchinnikov

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