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Презентація на тему:
Andrew Lloyd Webber

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Andrew Lloyd Webber

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Слайд 1

« Famous British People» Давидова Елена Константиновна, учитель Гаричкина Инна Суреновна

Слайд 2

Andrew Lloyd Webber

Слайд 3

History of modern musical theater can not be imagined without the name of British composer Andrew Lloyd Webber. Author of such works as "Jesus Christ Superstar", "Phantom of the Opera," "Cats" and about a dozen other successful works is rightfully called "the king of musical theater" - his role in the development of modern musical overestimated.

Слайд 4

Andrew Lloyd Webber was born on March 22, 1948 in London, in a family of professional musicians. His father, William Lloyd Webber, was a professor of music theory and composition at the Royal College of Music, Director of the London College of Music, and he wrote the music for the organ. Mother, Jean Lloyd Webber, taught violin and piano. Not surprisingly, early childhood, Andrew began to show interest in music. In three years, he started playing the violin at six - the piano and French horn. By the time he was composing his own music, it was much more exciting than to fulfill someone else's, and when Andrew was nine, his essay entitled "Suite for toy theater" was published in the music magazine “Music teacher."

Слайд 5

In 1956, Andrew went to Westminster School - one of the oldest and most respected schools in London. At school, Lloyd Webber is fond of medieval history and architecture. Successfully completing Westminster, he went to Magdalen College, Oxford, the history department, intending to become a medievalist scholar, expert on architecture. But fate decreed otherwise. April 21, 1965 Andrew Lloyd Webber received a letter from Timothy Miles Bindon Rice (now known to the public as Tim Rice) - the young poet, then worked in a law firm and passionate who wanted to be a rock star. Having heard that the young composer requires co-author, who knows how to write poetry, Tim offered to meet and discuss the possibility of working together. Following this, the historic meeting of two young men has begun one of the most talented and successful creative duos in the history of musical theater.

Слайд 6

Andrew Lloyd Webber is living on his estate Sidmonton, in Hampshire. Since 1976 he spends Sidmontone annual festivals, which is available to the public its new product before you put them in the theater. Military awards and other regalia: Stores on the shelf seven Tony Awards, three Grammy Awards, five Laurence Olivier Awards, a Golden Globe, Oscar and Critics Circle Award for Best Musical of 2000, and other awards, which are difficult to transfer. In 1992, Andrew was knighted for his services to his country and was named by Sir Lloyd Webber, and in 1997 was the year of lordship and the hyphen in the name (now known as Lord Lloyd-Webber, Baron Sidmontonskim). Marital status: Composer is the third marriage: the first time he was married to Sarah Tudor Hughes, who bore him two children, the second time - the singer Sarah Brightman, Lloyd Webber is married to Astrid Madeline Gordon, they have three children.

Слайд 7

Summer day in 1969, during a meeting of two old friends of Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber was a significant event - the birth of a legend Jesus Christ Superstar

Слайд 8

Premiered in 1971 Rock musical "Jesus Christ - Superstar" tells the story of the last seven days in the life of Jesus of Nazareth, seen through the eyes of his disciple Judas Iscariot, was disappointed in the teaching of Christ. At the beginning of the play Judas with pain and bitterness is aware that the followers of Jesus were fanatics, praised him as a god and distort his words, perceiving them as ridiculous prophecy. According to Judas, Jesus - the only person besides the person in a way inconsistent, as seen in his relationship with Mary Magdalene. As soon as the crowd of admirers of Jesus multiplied more and more out of control, mutual alienation between him and Judas becomes stronger. Seeing how Jesus loses his banishing merchants and money changers out of the temple, and pleads with cripples begging to heal them, to leave him alone, Judas increasingly convinced that the Nazarene really just a man.

Слайд 9

He decides that Jesus, having lost control of the crowd was dangerous and that we should stop it. He goes to the priests and tell them everything they need to know to grab one of Jesus, without risking being attacked by the crowd. However, after seeing the soldiers in the Garden of Gethsemane and seeing how events unfold, Judas soon realizes that God was using him, making the instrument of Christ's martyrdom. Enraged by the fact that people of Nazareth remembered as Superstar, Judas commits suicide.

Слайд 10

Another work by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice became the musical EVITA which premiered in 1978

Слайд 11

Rock opera has an annular track and begins with the end - July 26, 1952 godazhitelyam Buenos Aires reported death of Eva Peron. During the funeral, a young Argentine student Che ridiculed grieving and wondering who the Evita actually. The action moved to many years ago, and we see the way Eva Duarte from fifteen girls dreaming of Buenos Aires, to the wife of Argentine President Juan Peron. In 1996, based on the musical director Alan Parker, the film, where she performed the role of Eva Peron famous singer Madonna. Now overs sounds famous aria "Do not cry for me, Argentina" by Sarah Brightman.

Слайд 12


Слайд 13

Andrew Lloyd-Webber's CATS - further evidence that the musical show can make anything. Served as the basis for the CATS series of children's poems, TS Eliot's "Old Possum's Book of practical cats," published in 1939 in England. Each year, a special breed of cats Jellicle («dear little cat», uttered a small child) is going on a huge dump to do two things - had a good dance in the moonlight and learn from their elders, a cat named Deuteronomy (Old Deuteronomy), which of them go to cat heaven and be reborn to a new life. Cats and cats talking about himself (or his people), and we learn a lot of interesting details about the life of our smaller brethren. Along the way, they play two small performance (of the terrible battle of mongrels and Pekingese and history bloodthirsty pirate cat-Groultagera) and fight back the evil that the play represents Makaviti, "Napoleon of the criminal world." Makaviti cat steals leader, and only through the intervention of a cat-magician Mr. Mistofelisa cats get their leader back.

Слайд 14

Another story line - is the story of the old cat Grizabella. Many years ago, she left her tribe to see the world, and now, tired and frustrated, trying to return to his family. Tribesmen hardly recognized in the battered woman of fashion and beauty cat Grizabella. At first, they treated her with suspicion and even disdain, but then show her compassion and take back to the tribe. Grizabella and is elected. Accompanied by Deuteronomy, in smoke and spotlights, it rises in the cat's paradise, then the leader of the Jellicle appeals to the audience with a speech whose meaning is: cats - not dogs, they are very similar to people who can not stand familiarity, and refer to them you just - "Oh, Ivory!"

Слайд 15

The Phantom of the Opera In 1984, Andrew Lloyd Webber contacted Cameron Mackintosh - co-producer of the musical "Cats" by offering him a new musical. He set his sights on a romantic song and offered to take the foundation novel by Gaston Leroux, "Phantom of the Opera" They viewed the film adaptation in 1925 and 1943, but did not know how to put a movie on stage. Later, in New York, Lloyd Webber found a rare copy of the supported Leroux's novel, which inspired him to create a musical. The first act of the musical was shown on Sidmontonskom Festival in 1985, played the role of the Phantom Colm Wilkinson, performed the role of Christine Sarah Brightman, Clive Carter played the role of Raoul. Preview of a Broadway musical, 9 January 1988, in the theater «Majestic Theatre», premiered January 26, 1988. Broadway production still goes to «Majestic Theatre», which in December 2011 was held for more than 9900 shows and in January 2011, said the 23rd anniversary. This is the long-playing shows in the history of Broadway.

Слайд 16

The Paris Theatre "Opera Le Populaire," just bought two businessmen, scandal. In the theater, frequent accidents that rumor connects with some "Phantom of the Opera." Opera diva, Italian Carlotta, refuses in such circumstances to fulfill their role (after her fall decorations), and it is replaced by the unknown chorus girl Christine Daye. Simultaneously Firmin and Andre are the ghost letter where he dictates to them the conditions. Speech by Christine is a resounding success, instantly turns it into a new star of the opera. The girls come to congratulate her childhood friend, Viscount Raoul, who is experiencing her warm feelings. But Cristina hides from him the secret of its success. Taught her to sing a mysterious teacher, whom she calls "the angel of music." She thinks that it is the spirit of her dead father. After meeting with Raul in the mirror she is a shadow of a man in a mask, her mesmerizing voice and forcing her to follow him into the catacombs beneath the theater through the secret passage behind the mirror. This is the "Angel of Music", also known as "Phantom of the Opera." He is delighted with the performance of his pupil. But when she takes off the Phantom mask, he is furious, though time to close his face with his hands. Meanwhile, stir in the theater: Firmin and Andre, the owners of the theater, is shocked by the disappearance of his new stars and of threatening letters that they send the Ghost. Other letters come Viscount and Carlotta. At the same time, they enjoy that, what is the hype created around their theater, drawing the audience. In one letter, Ghost requires that Christina was assigned the lead role in a new comedy, "Il Muto", Carlotta, he devotes page's silent role. Firmin proudly refused to follow his instructions, and the roles of the other way around. During the premiere of "Il Muto" ghost appears in the room, the lighting on the stage, passing along the way prevented him from killing illuminator. Replacing it with a spray bottle deprives Carlotta voice, forcing her to make hoarse sounds on stage. Firmin and Andre have to accept it. But Christine is no longer fascinated her "angel", she is afraid of him, which turned into a purposeful killer. She begs for the Protection of Raul, who swears he will always be there. Raoul and Christine are recognized each other in love. Ghost, who sees it, is suffering from grief and jealousy.

Слайд 17

It takes a year. "Opera Populer" opens a new season, but the Phantom of the Opera for a year is not audible. Firmin, Andre, Carlotta, Christine, all of the actors together to celebrate the masquerade. In the midst of the holiday appears in the hall dressed as ghost of the Red Death, and declares that he had written a new opera - "Glory Don Giovanni" - and "his" theater is obliged to put it. The female lead again he appoints Christine Daye. After that he is hiding a secret door in the floor. Raul jumps him, but gets into a room full of mirrors, where he loses orientation. From there it takes Madame Giry. She tells him the true story of the Ghost. It was a boy-freak, which showed the Roma in the shed, and mocked him. Miserable fled, killing his tormentor, and Jiri helped him to hide in the catacombs beneath the Opera. Where he grew up, absorbing classical music, and he soon displayed a talent architect and artist, singer, composer. However, tormented by fate, he became violent, jealous and purposeful. He somehow participated in the construction of the theater, because he is full of passages and a place known only to him. Christina secretly goes to the cemetery to the grave of his father, to pray, but she is waiting for the Ghost. He again begins to suppress her voice. But at this point in the cemetery breaks Raul already learned the story of the Phantom, and join with him in a duel with swords. Viscount could kill a ghost, but Christina begs for mercy and let him go. Ghost in rage, he declares war on two people in love. Production of "Don Juan Triumphant" is a full house. According to the scenario, Don Juan has come to his lover in a mask. Directly behind the scenes ghost kills Pyandzhi, the actor playing Don Juan, and takes his place. In fact, the aria he wrote for himself. No one, except Christina, will know in Don Giovanni ghosts when he brilliantly performs his party, but when he finds Christina in his arms at the end of the song, she rips off his mask, revealing a terrible disfigured face. Ghost running away from an angry mob, the force leading the Christina. Madame Giry shows Raul short cut, and he manages to catch the fugitives. Ghost is getting ready to kill his rival, but Christina says that he is not alone and kisses him. Traumatized by the ghost lovers let loose, and he smashes all the mirrors in his refuge and escape through a secret passage After 48 years, the older Raul buys a music box with a monkey beating in plates, which once belonged to the ghost, and puts it to the grave of the deceased Christine, which detects the shock flower and diamond ring from the Ghost.

Слайд 18

Musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber: «Like us" (1965) «Joseph and the amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" (1968) «Jesus Christ - Superstar" (1970) «Jeeves" (1975) «Evita" (1976) «Tell me on a Sunday" (1979) «Cats" (1981) «Song and Dance" (1982) «Starlight Express" (1984) «Cricket" (1986) «Phantom of the Opera" (1986) «Aspects of Love" (1989) «Sunset Boulevard" (1993) «Whistle on the Wind" (1996) The Beautiful Game (2000) The Woman in White (2004) «Love Never Dies" (2010) Wizard of Oz (2011)

Слайд 19

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