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American culture

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American culture

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American culture: USА traditions and customs Fulfilled the student of the VTEI KNTEU groups GRS-12 d Yagnich Taras Alexandrovich LOGO www.themegallery.com LOGO

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As a country of immigrants, the United States is influenced by many cultures, including various customs and traditions in religion, art, food, and much more. Almost every region of the world influenced American culture, but first of all it was the British who colonized the country in the early 1600s. Also, the cultures of Native Americans, Latinos, Africans and Asians had a powerful influence on the country. LOGO

Слайд 3

Language The country does not have one official language, although 31 of the 50 states have granted this status to the English language. More than 90% of the US population speaks and understands English and most official affairs are conducted in this language. While almost all languages in the world can be heard in the United States — Spanish, Chinese, French, and German are among the most commonly used languages. (not counting English). Each region of the United States, particularly the south, has its own pronunciation using unique words and phrases. LOGO

Слайд 4

Religion Almost all known religions are practiced in the United States, as the country was based on the idea of religious freedom. More than 75% of Americans consider themselves Christians. Approximately half of them are Protestants, about a quarter are Roman Catholics, and a small percentage are Mormons. After Christianity, Judaism is the second most common religion — about 1.4% of the population. About 20% of Americans do not have religious affiliation. LOGO

Слайд 5

American style The style of clothing in the United States depends on the region and climate, but mostly it is casual style — casual clothing, where the main function is convenience. Denim (rough denim), sneakers, cowboy hats and boots are some of the items of clothing that are closely related to the image of Americans. Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors and Victoria Secret are famous American brands. Also, American fashion is strongly influenced by its celebrities. LOGO

Слайд 6

American food American cuisine was influenced by Europeans and Native Americans in its early history. Today, there are a number of products that are usually defined as American: hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, pasta with cheese and meat bread. The phrase “Such an American as Apple Pie” began to denote what is truly American. There are also cooking styles and types of foods that are specific to the region. The southern style of cooking, which is often called American "convenient" food, includes dishes such as fried chicken, cabbage, asparagus beans, and corn bread. Tex-Mex, a popular form of cuisine in Texas and the southwest, is a mixture of Spanish and Mexican cooking styles and includes elements such as chili peppers, burritos and contains a large amount of beans and grated cheese. LOGO

Слайд 7

Art The United States is widely known worldwide as the leading mass media producer, including television and cinema. Broadcasting industries began to develop in the United States in the early 1950s, when American television programs began to be shown around the world. The USA also has a vibrant film industry focused in Hollywood, and American films are popular all over the world. New York is the home of Broadway and Americans have a rich theatrical history. American music is very diverse, we can distinguish rhythm and blues, jazz, gospel, country, rock and roll and hip-hop. LOGO

Слайд 8

Sport The United States is a sport-oriented country with millions of fans watching football, baseball, basketball and hockey matches in addition to many other sports. Baseball, which appeared in colonial America, became an official sport in the mid 1800s and is still known as Americans' favorite pastime, although now his popularity has been eclipsed by football. LOGO

Слайд 9

American holidays Americans celebrate their independence from Britain on July 4th. Memorial Day is celebrated on the last Monday of May and honors the memory of those who died in military service. Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday of September and honors the country's labor force. Thanksgiving, another distinctive American holiday, falls on the fourth Thursday of November and is rooted in colonial times. LOGO

Слайд 10

10 weird American traditions 1. "Tailgate party" (parties near the open tailgate of the car) 2. View ads during the Super Bowl (American football) 3. American Dream Celebration 4. Increased interest in court cases 5. Punkin Chunkin (Панкин Чанкин) 6. Trick or Treat ( Helloween ) 7. Turkey presidential pardon 8. Black Friday Sales 9. Groundhog Day 10. Inches, teaspoons and a ton of bricks www.themegallery.com LOGO

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www.themegallery.com LOGO

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Thank You ! LOGO www.themegallery.com LOGO

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