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American Christmas

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American Christmas

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Слайд 1

American Christmas Работа Бухаевой С.Б.

Слайд 2

Слайд 3

The Americans celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December. Christmas is a religious holiday. It is the day on which Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ

Слайд 4

The Christmas story comes from the Bible.

Слайд 5

It tell us an interesting story of shepherds who were watching their sheep when the angel appeard to them.He told them that a Savior had been born in Bethlehem.They went there to see Jesus.

Слайд 6

The baby Jesus was born in a stable.His mother was the Virgin Mary and his Father was Joseph.

Слайд 7

The Bible tell us how the Wise Men (the Magi) followed a star until it led them to Jesus. They gave Jesus many gifts.

Слайд 8

Because of the birth of Jesus Christ, the Christians celebrate Christmas

Слайд 9

Cities and towns in America sparkle with bright lights and decorations

Слайд 10

Churches, homes, schools, shops and streets are decorated with Christmas trees,coloured lights,Santa Claus and his reindeer.

Слайд 11

The Americans choose a tree and decorate it with ornaments and lights.

Слайд 12

The American children hang up stockings near the fire-place to receive gifts from Santa Claus

Слайд 13

Christmas cards are sent to friends and relatives

Слайд 14

On Christmas Eve the President of the United States turns on the lights of the Christmas tree near the White House and sends his greetings to the nation.

Слайд 15

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