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Hair extensions нарощування волосся

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Hair extensions нарощування волосся

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PROF-LINE is the company that successfully working in beauty industry for over 14 years. It offers modern goods and services and solutions for beauty salons and their clients. PROF-LINE is the FIRST HAIR SUPERMARKET which was founded in 2001. Since 2006, our company produces its own high quality lines of hair: Slavonic, Ukrainian and Status Hair. In addition, we invented new series of protein enriched hair. Such hair 100% enriched with protein, the structure becomes elastic, hair looks more natural and can be worn for a long period of time without doubt.

Слайд 3

Assortment of goods Natural Hair Extensions, tails, braids, false hair, exclusive hand-made wigs, hair products, cosmetics, hair care products, professional hair treatments. Electrical equipment: hair dryers, curling irons, hair irons. Equipment for the diagnosis of the hair for hair extensions. Professional products for the face, body and hair. Unique in its kind of hair ornaments handmade.

Слайд 4

Wigs manufacturing In the company's own shops PROF-LINE, you will be able to make a reality all your fantasies and ideas. Experience of our company in the production of wigs allow you to fulfill all your dreams. We use only high-quality materials for the manufacture of our products. Raw materials (hair) has three degrees of purification : chemical, thermal , bacteriology . In some lines of raw materials, we treat hair special purified water , which also removes negative energy . All hair has a Ukrainian certificate of quality. We also manufacture products of thermo- fiber (imitation hair fiber is very high quality , and can be laid curling hair dryer) .  If you wish to order individually wig half-wig , patch of hair , men's wig, a system for hair extensions, hair barrette and other products , it can be done very simply .  

Слайд 5

Hair Extension Tools

Слайд 6

We do not share this line of hair on the first and second sort. Slavonic hair is selected only the highest quality. These hair is collected in the Ukraine and Russia, in this line, no hair from other countries. Only a real cut of Ukrainian and Russian hair is a raw material for the Slavonic line. Raw materials carefully is sorted according to color and length. After that the hair treated with the special products, developed in London. This is a secret formula that does not damage the hair, leaves open the hair scales, maintains luster and brightness. Hair is still alive. Caring about quality and safety of manufactured products from the hair, we have introduced an innovative hair treatment – cleaning by the silver. Silver has a high bactericidal properties and removes negative energy from the hair. Treatment this way the hair is safe for health of the new owner, both the physical and energetic level. Our company is the only in Ukraine, which uses this technology. We do not paint the Slavonic hair and do not treat them with silicone, that not to kill their structure. In the lineup are curly and straight hair, which facilitates the selection of the hair to the client .Slavonic hair can twist, paint, tint and straighten. You can do with them whatever you do with your own hair. And using of special equipment to care for hair extension will keep the purchased hair for many years.   Slavonic Hair Line Exclusivity of the Slavonic not dyed hair is that the hair is collected from the head of one human.

Слайд 7

    Hair is much cheaper than the Slavonic exclusive hair, as exclusive cuts are made from children's cuts . As you know, such hair is very soft as silk, and do not have any energy. They are much thinner than the hair of adult. Besides children's cuts - are expensive to purchase and in sufficient quantities their not so much on the market. STATUS hair have a fine structure, more vibrant, and soft to the touch than Ukrainian or Asian hair dyed. If we compare the tail of dyed Asian silicone-free, which is now being sold under the guise of mass Slavonic hair, not even an experienced buyer can touch to feel the difference between hair STATUS hair and dyed Asia without silicone. As the last hair is much more rigid and seemingly very bad dyed in blond color. Making blond shades of hair STATUS hair retain their top layer of the hair remain soft and alive, what you will not find among Asian dyed hair, which particularly affected in making blond shades. As the blond shades are the hardest color to produce. Huge selection of colors, manufacture of your chosen shades to order. Hair remains soft and silky, smooth and have a wavy structure, the same in each tail. Not treated with silicone, can be dyed, twisted, tinted. STATUS hair are ideal for extension hair for ours Ukrainian girls, since they are identical in structure.     Status Hair Line Exclusivity of Status hair is that the hair is treated with silver What is the difference between STATUS HAIR and other hair lines:

Слайд 8

    Baby Hair Line - is a new hair line which is real children slavonic hair best quality. The structure of hair is very soft, hair is not colored and it is very easy to color it. Baby Hair Line is the hair which is not has a silicone layer, it is 100% natural slavonic hair  which go through 3 stages of processing: chemical , thermal and biological and then this hair is treating by silver. Baby hair line is double drawn (no short hair). The best professional hair extension is Baby Hair Line.    Baby Hair Line

Слайд 9

      Ukrainian Hair Line Ukrainian line - this is an exclusive quality of hair, which allows make any manipulation with the hair extension. They are ideal for any type of the hair. It is a Slavonic hair, which was with the thermally and chemically treated to give for the hair the same shades. It differs from the Slavonic line that the hair is gathered together, sorted by color, structure, length, quality. Then they are prepared and painted by hand, which guarantees the highest quality of painting. Dyed hair are combing on the cards, then make either wefts, or keratin capsules. Accordingly, the quality in comparison with the Slavonic natural hair silk lines is the average. The hair has the second grade, and cheaper than silk hair, but much higher in quality than the European, Asian and Indian.Ukrainian hair line also has an innovative hair treatment - cleaning by the silver. Silver has a high bactericidal properties and removes negative energy from the hair. Treatment this way the hair is safe for health of the new owner, both the physical and energetic level. Our company is the only in Ukraine, which uses this technology. We do not handle the hair with the silicone. We developed the technology of processing of raw materials that not damage the hair cuticle and excludes them tangling. We carefully monitor the quality of raw materials.

Слайд 10

      European Hair Line The European line of hair - the hair is a series of "economy" class. It combines the good quality and the cheap price which available to all customers. The quality of European hair line that PROF-LINE Company offers not inferior to the quality of hair produced in the Europe. European hair is called Asian hair that is carefully treated. As Asian hair is in its structure and the type is hard and dark, they go through several stages of processing and chemical exposure, and in resulting damaged cuticle's layer. To restore the upper cuticle layer and to avoid tangling the hair such hair is covered with the silicone. Silicone improves the appearance of the hair, but during the washing it is washed away, so it is recommended to use silicone for the care of European hair. European hair also can be tinted and curled. But they must not be dyed by the ammonia's colors, especially it concerns of light shades. We offer a wide range of products from the European hair: hair by weight, capsules, wefts, pony-tails, wefts on the clips, bangs, toupees, and other. Our production will consider all your wishes and preferences. The length of the products is from 45 to 70 cm.  

Слайд 11

PROF-LINE Company is a manufacturer of the hair for professional extension (higher quality) – Slavonic and Ukrainian hair lines and Status Hair (treated with silver) and also offers products from the hair – wigs, half-wig, pony-tails, weft hair on a clip and fringes. The company has a lot of PROF-LINE stores in Ukraine. We offer a wide range of products for immediate hair extension, volume and length increasing of eyelashes, shape and color modification of eyebrows and lips, professional hair care products and much more. We offer our customers new technologies. For example, innovative technologies for diagnosis and micro scanning of skin and hair determining individual characteristics of each client and treating hair by high-quality products which stimulate hair growth in 99 % times. A lot of ukrainian trichology clinics use our products to solve the problem of hairloss.

Слайд 12

Hair Care Products Prof-line produce professional hair care Products. Organic Hair CompleX is special Line for treating hair which includes hair mask, oil, shampoo and conditioner.

Слайд 13

The company PROF-LINE has its own training center. Since 2004, we hold the Ukrainian International Championship «Hair Extension», in which the master compete for the title of beauty best master of the hair extensions, creative image creation, performance makeup models. We educate 9 professional hair extensions technologies : Express hair extension (polymer types) Hot pot hair extension (capsule) Hot gun hair extension (capsule) Iron hair extension (capsule) Micro-rings hair extension (weft hair) Braid extensions (weft hair) Micro-hair extensions Ultrasound hair extensions (capsule) Hair extension system (hair implants) Education PROF-LINE

Слайд 14

The main training courses: 1. Hair Extensions seminar for beginners (seminar in a group of 3 person) 2. Individual Hair Extensions education 3. The main education of Hair Extensions for masters and trainers The main objective of the company – to develop HAIR EXTENSIONS in Ukraine and training professionals to enable them to grow and develop in the field of hair extensions. Beauty industry is not standing still and methods of hair extensions have become more advanced , we are training all methods of hair extension by our program, which improved over the years.  Master-teacher of PROF-LINE has experience in this field more than 14 years. During the experience gained over the years , we found out what methods of hair extensions are the most demanded and popular nowadays.

Слайд 15

Course "Trichology" includes diagnosis of the scalp and hair to determine the client's technology capacity. Diagnosis is made on the unit microscanning scalp and hair. If your hair is recommended before the capacity to undergo Eucapil ® (Czech Republic), which restores hair growth and metabolism, stops hair loss. It is used by Trichology clinics.

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