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Academ holiday in England

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Academ holiday in England

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Слайд 1

ACadem holiday in England

Слайд 2

In England, the students take a sabbatical for a year after high school. This is a great opportunity to visit other countries, to get to know about the universities there. Very often it happens that a person lives "in another country."

Слайд 3

For some, it's a great time to do something special, occupying all the time. For example the study of culture, tradition, reading books, self-knowledge. After all, it was at this time formed the initial stage of a teenager, as an individual person.

Слайд 4

On the verge of discovering his identity many needs rest from unnecessary thoughts and concerns. But most of the undergrowth just want to spend a year in a cool group of friends. Tear-off parties and beach cocktails - that's what they want teenagers 18 years!

Слайд 5

Academ holiday in England is a dream of a first-class! This is a great opportunity to relax and go with the new forces in college. And who knows, maybe new friends who taught you to snowboard be yours classmate. ;)

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