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Слайд 1

Extreme Sport

Слайд 2

Abseiling – (German ‘abseilen’ – to rope down) an extreme sport, technique for descending using special tools and protection. The technique was created by Jean Esteril Charlet during climbing Petit Dru in 1876. After lots of failures he finally reached the summit in 1879. This experience helped him to perfect skill of abseiling. Petit Dru

Слайд 3

Today it’s not only a sport. For example abseiling is also used by rescuers, special forces or to wash the windows of high buildings. Original technique was very different from modern ones. Method of Hans Dulfer is considered as classic. Australian rappel and tandem rappelling is also popular. Dulfer method Australian rappel

Слайд 4

Equipment Gloves Climbing harness Boots (with good grips) Knee pads Elbow pads Helmet Rope for abseiling Carabiner Descender

Слайд 5

Abseilers can choose different places and seasons

Слайд 6

Professional climbers think abseiling is more dangerous than the climbing itself because a rope is carrying the climber’s weight all the time, not only in case of fall. So doing this sport is prohibited in many areas. Abseiling caused lots of injuries and death, but nothing can stop really brave people. If you want to try this extreme sport, all you need are the equipment, a high wall and an instructor. Would you like to start abseiling?

Слайд 7

Thanks for watching. Hope you’ve enjoyed it! Editor: Lisa Pavlova, 10 ’B’ Program: PowerPoint 2011

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