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Слайд 1

A, An & The Exercises

Слайд 2

Can you open a window? Can you open the window?

Слайд 3

In context で説明^_^ I live in a house(私は家に住んでいる) I live in the house.(私はその家に住んでいる) I eat a cake everyday.(私は毎日ケーキを食べます) I eat the cake everyday.(私は毎日そのケーキを食べる) Let’s meet at the station.(その駅で会おう) Let’s meet at a station.(駅で会おう)

Слайд 4

Which one is correct? I know the apple. I know an apple. An apple is delicious. The apple is delicious. A ball is mine. The ball is mine.

Слайд 5

Let’s do it together ^w^ We enjoy our trip. _____hotel was very nice. Can I ask ____question. You look sick. You need to see_____ doctor. Where is tom?He is in____garden. Alice is_____interesting person. It’s_____nice morning. Let’s go for_____walk. Can you tell me how to get to____city center. Let’s go out for_____meal. I will meet you outside ______ school.

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