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Презентація на тему:
A Legend

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A Legend

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

A Legend School № 16

Слайд 2

There are few of us and we can’t solve all the problems! I think, we should stay here and try to help people in solving of their problems. Should we go home or stay on the Earth? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Слайд 3

They suggested to make coins which have magic properties: a) If coins belong to a bad man, they can disappear; a good and kind one has much coins an he can spend them on the books which include the information about kindness, tolerance, politeness. There is a Recipe of Agreement and Friendship.

Слайд 4

b) To found a State with ideal people living there. And the main law of the state will be: “Life Without Conflicts and Wars” c) Without changing this society, except violence in Medium.

Слайд 5

First they decided to divide the country into 3 parts where they would experiment: A part with magic money. A part with ideal State. A part without violence in Medium.

Слайд 6

Magic money. People living in this country, do not have much money if they are unkind. But there are a few people who can live without conflicts. The problem is : other people who have no money, can not live as they want to and become more angry.

Слайд 7

The Ideal State. All people are kind, polite, reliable. The life is calm. All the emotions are positive. And the life becomes boring. People living there are not optimistic at all, because everything is all right. The population is not sincere, because they have to be tolerant in any situation. In the conclusion, we should say that such a kind of a state can not exist in a real life.

Слайд 8

Medium. People do not have an opportunity to get necessary information about the weather, politics, sport news, culture events, etc. As everybody is used to the Medium, it becomes impossible to live in such a way.

Слайд 9

Then Fantasy of all these countries gathered together and told each other about their problems, good and bad things. Unfortunately, they confessed, nothing happened. It is necessary to help people to solve their conflicts. Their mission is to teach people to solve the conflicts in a peaceful way, to live in AGREEMENT and FRIENDSHIP, to try to understand each other and to help to everybody.

Слайд 10

So Fantasy decided to stay on the Earth. They work as volunteers, print needed, interesting, actual booklets, magazines, books; involve citizens of the country to take part in different talk-shows; call the population (especially teens) to behave themselves politely, tolerantly. As the result, the main law of this country is “Follow the RECIPE of AGREEMENT and FRIENDSHIP”! Live in Agreement and Friendship! Your friends Fantasy.

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