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The Beatles

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The Beatles

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Слайд 1

Music is the greatest thing which connects people all over the world. It hasn’t nationality or citizenship. It’s a common human property.

Слайд 2

Слайд 3

The Beatles Who are they?

Слайд 4

Some may say that they are four young long-haired hooligans singing primitive rock’n’roll tunes

Слайд 5

The others may put them in the same rank with the greatest composers, such as Mozart, Beethoven and Bach

Слайд 6

Still the others may call them outstanding pacifists, philosophers and optimists

Слайд 7

They are four boys from Liverpool, who decided to play and sing together.

Слайд 8

15 years of joint life and work, several concerts at the greatest TV-studios, concert-halls and stadiums of the World, some more than 200 songs and…