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(surgery on the brain) A neurosurgeon is a surgeon who specializes in operating on the brain, head, neck, and spinal cord.

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Because neurosurgeons are some of the most highly-paid surgeons, the field is extremely competitive. Additionally, the complexity and high-risk nature of brain surgery contributes to the level of surgical skills and knowledge necessary to become a successful neurosurgeon.

Слайд 4

Neurosurgeons most commonly operate on patients who are victims of trauma to the head, in addition to treating patients with cancerous or benign brain tumors that need to be surgically removed. However, there are a variety of other issues that are treated by neurosurgeons.

Слайд 5

New advancements and techniques are being developed to help neurosurgeons treat a number of neurological issues that can be traced to Physiological abnormalities that can be repaired via surgery.

Слайд 6

If you are interested in a surgery career, you thrive in an extremely high-pressure environment, and can endure the additional years of rigorous training, neurosurgery may be for you.

Слайд 7

Neurosurgeons must be able to take call and be available at all hours (within the call rotation schedule) for emergency surgeries Neurosurgeons must have: excellent critical thinking analytical abilities plus top surgical skills, optimal dexterity and be able to perform delicate surgeries.

Слайд 8

There are robotic devices, imaging equipment, and cameras that can assist with the precision of the procedures, so neurosurgeons must also be comfortable with the most advanced, complex technology as well.

Слайд 9

However, the financial rewards are great, if you can deal with the high-risk and stress of the field, as are the intrinsic rewards of performing such advanced surgeries that are often life-saving.

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