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Презентація на тему:
Mike Lomonosov

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Mike Lomonosov

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

Mike Lomonosov

Слайд 2

(1711 1765)

Слайд 3

Mike Lomonosov is the father of the Russian sciences and outstanding poet the founder of Russian literature.

Слайд 4

Mike Lomonosov was born in 1711 in Arhangelsk province, in Mishaninskaya country

Слайд 5

He liked to spend his time fishing with his father. He began to read him self when he was a little boy.

Слайд 6

He wanted to study and when he was 19 he went on foot to Moscow. He decided to enter the Slavic-Greek-Lateen academy.

Слайд 7

The way of Lomonosov from Holmogor to Moscow

Слайд 8

He entered it and six ears later in 1736 he was sent abroad to complete his studies in chemistry and mining.

Слайд 9

Lomonosov’s handwriting

Слайд 10

Then Lomonosov studied in Germany in Marburg town (1736 – 1739) Memorial board Michail Vasilevic Lomonosov 1711 – 1765 Student der Marburger Universitat 1736 -1739 GroBer russischer Gelehrter und Schriftsteller grundete 1755 die Moskauer Universitat, die seinen Namen tragt"

Слайд 11

Lomonosov worked hard and he became a great scientist.

Слайд 12

He was a physicist a painter and astronomer, a geographer a historian and a states man.

Слайд 13

Mike Lomonosov made a telescope; he observed a lot of stars and planets with his telescope.

Слайд 14

Lomonosov wrote a first scientific grammar of Russian language.

Слайд 15

He wrote many poems.

Слайд 16

Фабрика моя делания разноцветных стекол и из них разных вещей состоит в Коважской мызе в деревне Уcтьрудицах. М.В.ЛОМОНОСОВ (1760г.). Lomonosov build a factory near Petersburg. It was a factory there glass was produced.

Слайд 17

He made a portrait of Peter the first of pieces of glass.

Слайд 18

Lomonosov was a founder of the first Russian University (1755)

Слайд 19

This University is named after Lomonosov and it is situated in Moscow.

Слайд 20

Mike Lomonosov died in 1765 but people know and remember him.

Слайд 21

The Museum of Lomonosov in Holmogor

Слайд 22


Слайд 23


Слайд 24


Слайд 25


Слайд 26

Courtiers Lovelace, of looted Awards went naprolomno Lomonosov, in the White Sea ice frigate, poet, scholar and philosopher, of the men of the aristocracy. He came from the sea. Was it the sea of talent and different ploys. We never argue with his poems, his articles. E.Evtushenko

Слайд 27

The End

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