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"Mahatma Gandhi"

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"Mahatma Gandhi"

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Слайд 1

Presentation student 10-A class Alyona Bondar

Слайд 2

Mahatma Gandhi

Слайд 3

Mahatma Gandhi - a leader and ideologist of the national liberation movement of India

Слайд 4

Mahatma Gandhi rejected violence in any form. For over 30 years, he constantly preached the philosophy and in the end proved to the world the effectiveness of non- violent politics, when in 1947, India welfare giving efforts Gandhi peacefully gained its independence from Britain

Слайд 5

1947 for Gandhi ended a bitter disappointment. He continued to prove futility of violence, but it seemed that no one has heard of.

Слайд 6

In January 1948, in a desperate attempt to stop international conflicts Mahatma Gandhi resorted to a hunger strike. He explained his decision as follows: "Death will be my miraculous deliverance.'d Rather die than be a helpless witness to self-destruction of India.

Слайд 7

Sacrificial action Gandhi had the necessary influence on society. Leaders of religious groups agreed to a compromise.

Слайд 8

Flushed with hope, Gandhi ended his hunger strike. However, the balance of power in the country was unstable. Soon a strong movement against the progressive leader of the young independent states started to gain momentum.

Слайд 9

Hindu militant preachers accused Gandhi of infringement of their religious rights. They called for armed intervention, even though we knew that as long as Gandhi was alive, the use of violence will not let them. Remained "convince" stubborn force of arms.

Слайд 10

His name is surrounded by India in the same reverence with which speaks the names of saints.

Слайд 11

He enjoyed great trust Indians, came to him for help and advice, thousands of people, and get this help.

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