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Good morning

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Good morning

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Слайд 2

WARMING-UP: INTERVIEW What did you eat in the morning? Who usually makes breakfast in the family? Where are you going to have dinner? What do you like eating in the morning? What is your favourite fruit? What is your favourite vegetable? What do you usually eat for dinner? When do you usually have supper? Who cooks in your family? Do you like ice-cream? Do you have your breakfast at home or at school? Do you eat at our school canteen?

Слайд 3

THE OBJECTIVES OF THE LESSON: Today we’re going to speak about different national foods, review the words of the topic “Food”, read some texts, speak about healthy and unhealthy diet, do some tasks on grammar, watch a short film about national British food, check up your home projects.

Слайд 4

BRAINSTORMING: How can food be? Name the adjectives to describe food . (mind-map) Food

Слайд 5

BRAINSTORMING: How can food be? Name the adjectives to describe food . (mind-map) Food delicious vegetarian tasty nutricious healthy fresh traditional fast

Слайд 6

SPEAKING: NATIONAL FOODS This food comes/is from…. It is ….. national food.

Слайд 7


Слайд 8

LISTENING: YOU HAVE TO GUESS WHICH COUNTRY THIS FOOD IS FROM. TEXT Some people say that the food of this nationality is tasteless. For breakfast most people have cereal or toast and tea or coffee. For lunch they have a sandwich or fruit. Supper must be light. Main courses in a restaurant give a choice of roast beef, fish pie served with new potatoes and fresh vegetables. They eat a lot and they love junk food. Their diet is not healthy; they fry a lot and eat fat, sweet food. They say they live on hamburgers, hot-dogs, chips and coca-colas. They enjoy a variety of traditional cookery, as well as favourite imported dishes. The most popular traditional food is borsch, holybtsi, varenyky and other tasty dishes. They prefer home-made food.  

Слайд 9

NEW VOCABULARY: Batter –рідке тісто To sprinkle -бризкати To wrap - обгортати A casserole -каструля Availability - наявність Gourmet -гурман A chain -мережа Sesame seeds -кунжут A pancake –млинець A griddle –сковорідка для млинців

Слайд 10

READING (BOOK”ENTERPRISE-3”,PAGE130 Group1: Fish & chips Group2: Irish stew Group3: Burger & fries Group4: Pancaces with maple syrup. After-reading activity: 1.Answer the questions. 2.Match the words with their synonyms from the text. surely, changes, presented, tasty, simple, typical.

Слайд 11

RELAXING. Sit comfortably. Close your eyes. Breath in. Breath out. Let’s imagine spring. You are sitting on the green grass . The weather is fine. The light wind is blowing. The birds are singing. The World is full of wonders. You are quite. Your brain relaxes. There is calm in your body. You are relaxing. You love your relatives, your friends. You can do anything. You have much energy. You are in good spirits. Open your eyes.

Слайд 12

SPEAKING (GROUP WORK) Debates" (Дебати. Завдання для груп) Group1. What is good about fast food? Group3. What's good about home-made food? Group2. What is bad about fast food? Group4. What's bad about home-made food?

Слайд 13

WRITING Task1. Connect nouns & adjectives: Salty lemon Spicy candy Bitter fish Sweet pizza Sour coffee Task2. Write the degrees of comparison of these adjectives: strong, spicy,delicious, healthy, nutricious, juicy,tasty, sweet,disgusting,fattening.

Слайд 14

WATCHING & LISTENING (VIDEO) After-watching activity Answer the questions: 1.What are the traditional English foods? 2.What do they have for breakfast? 3.When does the milkmen come? 4.When do they have lunch? 5.How much time do they have for a break? 6.Which food do they call the convenience food? 7.When is their traditional dinner? 8.What do they have for dinner? 9.Do the British people eat only at home? 10.How many foreign restaurants are there in London? 11.Which food is very popular in Britain? 12.What do the British teens like eating? 13.What do they hate? 14.What do the vegetarians usually eat? 15.Is the traditional food expensive? 16.How many servings a year do the British people buy?

Слайд 15

Thanks a lot for your hospitality and good mood. And don’t fotget: We are what we eat!

Слайд 16

REFLEXTION: Did you like the lesson? What did/didn’t you like most of all? Did you learn anything new? Your Home Assignment : Imagine that you are opening a new café in our town Write the menu of your café using only healthy food

Слайд 17


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