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Презентація на тему:
Game: Who is cleverer than a sixth-form pupil?

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Game: Who is cleverer than a sixth-form pupil?

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

Game Who is cleverer than a sixth-form pupil?

Слайд 2

Подсказки: Copy Спиши Watch Подгляди Rescue Спасение

Слайд 3

Words Reading Writing Grammar England 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5

Слайд 4

What do we do at the lessons?

Слайд 5

Who likes to talk at the lesson?

Слайд 6

Who likes to make up dialogues?

Слайд 7

Who likes learn words?

Слайд 8

Who likes to do crosswords and puzzles?

Слайд 9

Who likes to do exercises in a workbook?

Слайд 10

Who is the first to hand in his workbook?

Слайд 11

Who likes to read at the lessons?

Слайд 12

Who likes to work with grammar rules at the lesson?

Слайд 13

Who wants to know a lot about England?

Слайд 14

Words Choose the word with a general meaning 1. square, museum, city, park, garden 2. librarian, musician, occupation, actor, dancer city occupation

Слайд 15

Words Find the names of animals snakelephantigerhino Snake, elephant, tiger, rhino

Слайд 16

Words Match the antonyms: husband sister uncle wife brother single married aunt

Слайд 17

Words Form the names of occupations: music – art – swim- teach – sport - musician artist swimmer teacher sportsman

Слайд 18

Words Match the words and the descriptions Aunt the son or daughter of an aunt Niece the wife of an uncle Cousin a male parent Father the daughter of a brother or sister

Слайд 19

Grammar Fill in the appropriate article (a, the, -) 1. London is the capital of … United Kingdom. 2. …Ivan Petrov is … best pupil in the class. 3. I live in … Green Street. the - the -

Слайд 20

Grammar Correct the sentences: Tomorrow I went to the disco. Yesterday he will play football. I has been to the museum this week. shall go played have

Слайд 21

Grammar Fill in the gaps: A dog is a man’s …(good) friend. Horses are …(beautiful) than camels. The whale is the …(big) sea animal. best more beautiful biggest

Слайд 22

Grammar Write down the plural of: Man – Dress – Wolf – Lion – Society – men dresses wolves lions societies

Слайд 23

Grammar Choose the correct translation: My niece is feeding her little kitten. Моя племянница покормила своего маленького котёнка. Моя племянница кормит своего маленького котёнка. b)

Слайд 24

Writing Make up words: m, s, u, m, e, u – s, a, m, o, u, f – p, t, a, i, l, c, a - museum famous capital

Слайд 25

Writing Write down the address on the envelope. Use: England, Green Street, London, 15, Mary Brown. Mary Brown 15, Green Street London England

Слайд 26

Writing Put in the missing letters: …ndepend ... nt, cur … o …s, t … pical, l … ving, n … … ghty independent curious typical loving naughty

Слайд 27

Writing Write the verbs in ing-form: Eat – Take - Sit - Visit – Cut - Eating Taking Sitting Visiting cutting

Слайд 28

Writing Write a list of guests for your birthday party:

Слайд 29

Reading Match pairs of rhyming words: Sea politician Good tree Musician male Book rude Tail cook

Слайд 30

Reading Cross out the odd word (mind reading rules): sweet, meat, head, cheese, tea kind, like, type, five, British cook, tooth, juice, spoon, food

Слайд 31

Reading Put the sentences in the right order: а) It has many buildings. b) It is next to the river Thames. c) The tall building is the White Tower, the Bloody Tower is near the river. d) This is the Tower of London. 3. 2. 4. 1.

Слайд 32

Reading Put in the missing words: hobby, computer, naughty, teacher, intelligent My mum is a History … . Her … is painting. My dad is a … programmer. He is … . My little sister Ann is funny and sometimes … .

Слайд 33

Reading Group the words according to reading rules: Never, famous, bright, sign, central, secretary, librarian, lady, ancient never, central, secretary famous, lady, ancient bright, sign, librarian

Слайд 34

England This is a picture of: Buckingham Palace Westminster Abbey The Tower of London Westminster Abbey

Слайд 35

England Guess what it is: There you can see the Changing of the Guard. It has 600 rooms. Buckingham Palace

Слайд 36

England What sight this group of words belong to: Famous actors Face to face History Popsingers The Queens family Madame Tussaud’s

Слайд 37

England London parks. True or False? London Zoo is in Regent’s Park. You can see the statue of Peter Pan in St. James’s park. Hyde park is famous for its Speaker’s Corner. T F T

Слайд 38

England Write down the word combinations: Big Palace Trafalgar Tower Bloody Ben Buckingham Abbey Westminster Square

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