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Welcome to the poem lounge

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Welcome to the poem lounge

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Welcome to the poem lounge

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Famous poets and writers

Слайд 3

William Shakespeare Born April 26, 1564 – died April 23, 1616

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William Shakespeare William Shakespeare (born April 26, 1564 – died April 23, 1616)was an English poet and playwright widely regarded as the greatest writer of the English language, as well as one of the greatest in Western literature, and the world's dramatist. He wrote about 38 plays and 154 sonnets, as well as a variety of other poems. Already a popular writer in his own lifetime, Shakespeare's reputation became increasingly celebrated after his death. In addition, Shakespeare is the most quoted writer in the literature and history of the English-speaking world. Shakespeare is believed to have produced most of his works between 1586 and 1616. Shakespeare's works have been translated into every language and his plays are performed all around the world.

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Shakespeare’s career, based in London, is thought to have begun with acting - and then writing. He was a member of “The Lord Chamberlin’s Men” an acting company which was protected by the Queen. He later became a senior member and a shareholder in 1595. Shakespeare, also known as “The Bard” was known to be an astute business man as well as a writer. He was quite wealthy and when he returned to his hometown of Stratford, he purchased one of the largest homes there. He became joint owner of the famous Globe theatre, which added even more to his success. Shakespeare is buried in Holy Trinity Church in Stratford-upon-Avon. His gravestone declares a curse over anyone who dares to move his bones!

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Слайд 8

Poem by William Shakespeare A Madrigal Crabbed Age and Youth Cannot live together: Youth is full of pleasance, Age is full of care; Youth like summer morn, Age like winter weather; Youth like summer brave, Age like winter bare: Youth is full of sports, Age's breath is short, Youth is hot and bold, Age is weak and cold, Youth is wild, and Age is tame Age, I do abhor thee; Youth, I do adore thee; O! my Love, my Love is young!

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Слайд 10

Rudyard Kipling Joseph Rudyard Kipling (born 30 December 1865 – died 18 January 1936) was an English short-story writer, poet and novelist. He wrote tales and poems of British soldiers in India and stories for children. He was born in India, and was taken by his family to England when he was five years old. Kipling's works of fiction include “The Jungle Book “(1894), “Kim” (1901), and many short stories, including "The Man Who Would Be King" (1888).His poems include "Mandalay" (1890), "The Gods of the Copybook Headings" (1919), "The White Man's Burden" (1899), and "If—" (1910). He is regarded as a major innovator in the art of the short story. Kipling was one of the most popular writers in England, in both prose and verse, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In 1907, he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature, making him the first English-language writer to receive the prize.