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Презентація на тему:
"Christmas in Great Britain"

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"Christmas in Great Britain"

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

Christmas in Great Britain Bundiyk Tanya

Слайд 2

Preparing To Christmas The British celebrate Christmas on December 25. They buy gifts for each other, decorate their houses with lights and choose Xmas trees.

Слайд 3

Christmas Eve Santa Claus climbs down the chimneys of the British houses and leaves presents under fur-trees on Christmas Eve, when people are sleeping.

Слайд 4

Christmas Red Socks Long ago, each child hung a stocking, or sock, over the fireplace. Santa entered down the chimney and left candy and presents inside the socks for the children. Today the tradition is carried on.

Слайд 5

In the morning, English people open their presents and then they attend religious ceremonies at churches. Christmas Morning

Слайд 6

In the afternoon the British may watch the Queen on television as she delivers her traditional Christmas message to the United Kingdom or go to Trafalgar Square where a big Christmas tree stands. Christmas Day

Слайд 7

In this wonderful day, English people visit their friends and relatives. Some groups of the British walk from house to house and sing Christmas carols. People give singers money or invite them for a warm drink. The Happiest Holiday

Слайд 8

Merry Christmas!

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