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At a concert

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At a concert

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Слайд 1

At a concert

Слайд 2

Слайд 3

- Are you a good audience? - Do you agree that much depends on your behavior during a concert? What they ask you not to do during a concert? Do you agree with these 5 things? What do you find most annoying?

Слайд 4

Dialogue 1 Pupil1:  Let’s go to the classical music concert. Pupil2:  And what are they going to play? Pupil1:  Overture “Ruslan and Ludmila” by Glinka, the First Symphony by Prokofiev and “Rhapsody” by Rachmaninoff. Pupil2:  You know I’m not a great lover of Rachmaninoff and Glinka. Let’s go there some other time.

Слайд 5

Dialogue 2 Pupil1: Did you enjoy the concert? Pupil2:  I’m afraid I didn’t. Pupil1: Why? Pupil2:  I’m sorry to say but I didn’t hear well enough what was being played on the stage. Pupil1: Did you? Pupil2: One of my neighbors was constantly coughing, another was whispering to his girl-friend. Pupil1: Oh dear! Couldn’t you help it? Pupil2:  I asked that guy not to whisper but he didn’t stop it.

Слайд 6

Do you often invite your friends to concerts? It’s not difficult to invite I think but it’s difficult to persuade him or her to go there. Try to invite your friend and give him or her reasons to go to a concert. During the concert your neighbors’ behavior annoyed you and your friend. Act out a dialogue in which you complain to each other about their behavior. 

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