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Презентація на тему:
"A Biography of Ernest Hemingway"

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"A Biography of Ernest Hemingway"

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

A Biography of Ernest Hemingway

Слайд 2

Who Is Ernest Hemingway? Born into a strict, Protestant family Famous and well accomplished author (49 short stories and over 10 novels) Nobel Peace Prize winner Avid hunter and fisher Considered a hero of WWI Committed suicide in Idaho (1961) Used the experiences of his life to create literary masterpieces during the Modernism Era

Слайд 3

Hemingway’s Personal Life Born Ernest Miller Hemingway on July 21st, 1899 Grew up in Oak Park, Illinois – upper middle class Father was a doctor and mother was a singer He had four sisters and one brother The community had a large Protestant population Hemingway about his community: “Wide lawns and narrow minds.”(The Hemingway Resource Center) Enjoyed hunting and fishing (inspiration for many stories/novels) with his father when his mother wasn’t introducing him to music and literature

Слайд 4

Hemingway’s Personal Life (cont.) Rumored that his mother often dressed him in female clothes Worked as a reporter for the Kansas City Star (1917) WWI Ambulance Driver (1918) Celebrated as a war hero upon his return home Reporter for Toronto Star (1920) Married Hadley Richardson and moved to Paris, France (1921) Father committed suicide in 1929, Ernest does the same in 1961 (Idaho)

Слайд 5

Hemingway’s Professional Life Wrote forty-nine short stories and published six best-selling novels: The Sun Also Rises A Farewell To Arms For Whom The Bell Tolls The Old Man and The Sea To Have and Have Not A Moveable Feast

Слайд 6

Hemingway’s Professional Life (cont.) Popular characters in his works: soldiers, hunters, bullfighters, and primitive people. Themes of his work: Courageous and honest people losing hope in a modern, hectic society Possibly reflects his own outlook concerning his place in the world His writing is very dry and descriptive with little plot – draws heavily from past experience His alcoholism and depression contributed to his eventual suicide He shot himself in Ketchum, Idaho (1961)

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