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Слайд 1

Sport For his long history , people have learned not only to fight each other and fighting the element , but also invented many ways to entertain and play .Each sport , opera and circus have their own history , and sometimes very entertaining . Rest – is just as important part of our lives as work or study.

Слайд 2

Chess appeared in India . The Indians enjoyed this game so much that they not only devoted all their free time to the chess ,but other nations taught this game . Indians believed that war was a crime. So , to play in the war , they came up with chess .

Слайд 3

Basketball appeared 2,500 years ago , played by the of South America . They threw nucleus into highly attached wooden circles .To touch them was forbidden – they played with elbows , knees and hips . But modern basketball was founded in one of the American colleges in 1890 .

Слайд 4

Badminton Badminton appeared in Japan . Japanese children are very fond of New Year’s entertainment – a game at the keel .Missiles made of light wood were used as missiles ,and served as a freighter soybean . The name of this was received later , from the name of the English town of Badminton , where in 1872 a badminton competition was held .

Слайд 5

Who Invented Ping Pong ? This was done by the English engineer D.Gips in 1894 . His wife enjoys playing the ball in the table . The ball in this game resembled a clown with hard feathers on the sides . However , such volleys ripped out a lady’s dress during the game .Gibs was tired of spending money on the tailor ,since he invented a new ball of “jumping” celluloid .

Слайд 6


Слайд 7

Tennis Tennis is called a royal game for the great interest that the royal families of France have revealed to him .

Слайд 8

Hockey I made a hockey puck in Canada more than a hundred years ago .The first hockey began to play British soldiers on the frozen surface of Lake Ontario .

Слайд 9

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