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Слайд 1

Можливості співпраці з пан-європейськими громадськими платформами, зокрема з представництвом у Брюсселі. Школа європейської інтеграції, м. Буча, 18.09.2010. Ганна Голубовська-Онісімова, ВЕГО “МАМА-86”

Слайд 2

Слайд 3

About MAMA-86 Founded 1990 Today: national environmental network of 17 groups Goal: greening policy and practice for transition of Ukraine to SD Environmental democracy, environmental policy integration and SPAC - water and sanitation - chemical safety and waste Health and environment – cross-cutting issue Policy lobbying and technical solutions

Слайд 4

Why to cooperate? Strengthening NGO capacity to influence international and European policy Increase the effectiveness of national environmental policy With main goal to improve the state of our environment and shift to sustainable development path

Слайд 5

WECF – since 1993 Safeguards children's future by creating a healthy environment and sustainable development for all. ‘We strive for balancing environment, health and economy’. After 10 years of MATRA ‘building democracy’ programme, technical solutions implementations were included by Dutch MFA as integral part. It was a lobbying result of our partnership based on drinking water and sanitation joint projects experience.

Слайд 6

Milieukontakt International since 1992 In 2008-2010, inventory was done in 2 rayons of Kyiv oblast and 100 t of Obsolete pecticides were re-packed and safely stored according international standards within MATRA funded project.

Слайд 7

ANPED – since 1994 The Northern Alliance for Sustainability (ANPED) links NGOs working to e