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Слайд 1

English language course 10th form

Слайд 2

Our village Velikoe has a great history. In 1712 the Poltav’s battle took place here. In this battle the Russian fought against the Swedes. After this battle Peter 1 presented the village to A.I.Repnin. Velikoe

Слайд 3

Architectural sights The Virgin’s Christmas Temple was built in 1712 in honour of victory in the Poltav’s battle (by order of A.I.Repnin). Crowds of people went to the Temple on holidays to pray. Now the temple is being restored.

Слайд 4

Architectural sights Another Church – the Virgin’s protection Church – was built by the grandson of Field Marshal, P.I.Repnin, in 1741. In 1758 between these two temples the Cathedral bell tower was set up, with the famous symbol “the Window into Europe”.

Слайд 5

Velikoe – a “great” village The name “Velikoe” comes from the Russian word “великий” – “great, big” in English, because Velikoe was a big trading centre. In the 19th century this great factory village became famous as a flax industry centre.

Слайд 6

The Karnowich’s family played an important role in the developing of the village. In 1844 E.S.Karnowich organized the first flax-works selling exhibition in Velikoe. Since that time such exhibitions took place here every year. Lots of people from other provinces took part there. The Karnowich’s family

Слайд 7

A.V.Lokalov made a valuable contribution to development of Velikoe. He was a great person, who founded one of the first and the most famous flax-mills in Russia. Thanks to him the Russian flax have got admission abroad. Lokalov lived in Velikoe. This picturesque moulding was created inside his house more than 100 years ago in 1888-1890. Lokalov’s house

Слайд 8

Now Velikoselsky Children’s home is situated there, but a part of Lokalov’s house is taken up by his museum. The most unique fragment of the interior of this building is a room-grotto, imitating a small cave, with white stalactites. The Grotto of Lokalov’s house

Слайд 9

We are proud of the museum in which many interesting and old things are kept. There are many trivialities in the museum but they are very important for the history of Velikoe, ancient and still very beautiful flax works, of course. Rural Museum

Слайд 10

Our school is one of the oldest buildings in Velikoe. It is 141 years old. The school has its own symbols, a library, well settled classrooms, a sports ground and its own museum. Our school is an experimental one in the educational area. Many famous people studied here. Our school