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"The hotel receptionist"

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"The hotel receptionist"

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Слайд 1

by Bondarenko svetlana 9-a the hotel receptionist

Слайд 2

the hotel receptionist If you enjoy meeting and helping all kinds of people, this could be a great job for you. Hotel receptionists make guests feel welcome, manage room bookings (also known as reservations) and deal with requests that guests make during their stay. A hotel receptionist also needs to be friendly and professional at all times, be able to look after several things at once and always stay calm, sometimes under pressure

Слайд 3

the hotel receptionist

Слайд 4

What Education do you need? Many employers will prefer you to have a good standard of general education and possibly some GCSEs (A-C) in subjects such as English, maths and IT. Some employers may also want you to have experience of using a telephone switchboard or a computerised reservations system. Although previous experience in customer service or office work would also help you, you can also prepare for this work by taking a relevant college course.

Слайд 5

Entry requirements You will need good administration and customer service skills for this job. IT skills will also be useful to work with computerised booking and payment systems. Many employers will want you to have a good standard of general education, including GCSEs (A-C) in maths and English. You could prepare for this work by taking a relevant full-time or part-time college course, to gain some of the knowledge and skills needed in this job. Courses include: Level 1 Certificate in General Hospitality Level 1 Award in Introduction to Employment in the Hospitality Industry Level 1 Award in Introduction to the Hospitality Industry Level 2 Award in the Principles of Customer Service in Hospitality, Leisure, Travel and Tourism.

Слайд 6

Skills, interests and qualities As a hotel receptionist you will need to have: excellent written and spoken communication skills strong customer service skills a friendly and professional telephone manner the ability to adapt to different guests patience and tact the ability to stay calm under pressure and look after several things at once good problem solving skills the ability to use computerised technology a methodical approach to your work accuracy and attention to detail It may also be useful if you speak a foreign language.

Слайд 7

More information about this work As a hotel receptionist, your main duties would include: dealing with bookings by phone, e-mail, letter, fax or face-to-face completing procedures when guests arrive and leave choosing rooms and handing out keys preparing bills and taking payments taking and passing on messages to guests dealing with special requests from guests (like booking theatre tickets or storing valuable items) answering questions about what the hotel offers and the surrounding area dealing with complaints or problems.

Слайд 8

Training and development You will normally be trained on the job by experienced staff. Some employers also run their own training schemes and you may be encouraged to work towards qualifications, such as: Level 2 (NVQ) Diploma in Front of House Reception Level 2 Certificate In Hospitality and Catering Principles (Front of House Reception) Level 3 Award in Principles of Supervising Customer Service Performance in Hospitality, Leisure, Travel and Tourism Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Reception and Front Office Services.

Слайд 9

How to Become a Hotel Receptionist (8 steps)