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Презентація на тему:
The World of Music

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The World of Music

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Слайд 1

The World of Music Рыжкова И. А. Prezentacii.com

Слайд 2

What do you like to do? Do you like collecting things? Do you play any sports? Do you have any hobbies? What do you like to do in free time?

Слайд 3

Musings on Music What did people do before the advent of music? How did they stay calm throughout a long, nerve-wracking day? How did they relax after a long, hard day at work? What did they sing to – and what did they dance to – when at play? Music is a common language spoken round the world; Music builds a bridge between all peoples and all lands; Music is the link which holds us close together; Music is the bond of love in which we all clasp hands. What did people do before the advent of music?

Слайд 4

What type of music do you like? What type of music don’ t you like? Who are your favourite musicians? Do you ever buy cassettes or CDs? How has your taste in music changed? Answer the questions

Слайд 5

Drums School recorder Synthesizers Piano Guitar Trumpet Violin What is it? 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Слайд 6

Stringed instruments Percussion instruments Wind instruments Keyboard instruments Match the pictures and the words

Слайд 7

Do you play any musical instruments? What instrument would you like to play?

Слайд 8

Слайд 9

Styles of rock music Rhythm and Blues Gospel Rock ‘ n’ roll Rock Heavy metal Rap Reggae Disco Techno

Слайд 10

Usher Westlife

Слайд 11

A (very short) history of rock music

Слайд 12

The early 1950s The mid 1950s The early 1960s The Beatles The early 1970s Rock music today What does the text say about?