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"The British Monarchy"

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"The British Monarchy"

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Elizabeth II (April 21, 1926, London) - Queen of Great Britain from 1952 to the present. Elizabeth II comes from the Windsor dynasty. Came to the throne February 6, 1952 at age 25 after the death of his father King George VI.

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She is 4. She is 11.

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During the Second World War, Elizabeth insisted that parents allowed her to enter military service. Mastered the profession of the driver in a military transport training center and qualified as a truck driver, she knew how to change a tire on the truck, to disassemble and assemble the engine. In 1945, Elizabeth worked in women territorial services (Women's Auxiliary Territorial Service), where he ended the war with the rank of junior commander.

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Thousands of people lined up along the route of the procession, and upon termination of service and have been admitted to Westminster Abbey. Millions listened to a report about what is going on air. Wedding kino seeing in theaters across the country, many thousands of Britons. Buckingham Palace has received about 10,000 congratulatory telegrams. The wedding ceremony of Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh at Westminster Abbey began November 20, 1947 at 11:30 GMT in the presence of two thousand invited guests.

Слайд 11

Mosaic depicting Elizabeth II in the year when she came to the throne (1952) and Diamond Jubilee year (2012)

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She is 26. She is 27. She is 27.

Слайд 13

The further life of the Queen Elizabeth II After his ascension to the throne of Queen Elizabeth II was actively involved in the political life of their country, as well as many other states of the British Commonwealth. Over the years, many years of the reign of Elizabeth toured many countries in the world and has participated in various symbolic events.

Слайд 14

She is 28. She is 31. She is 36.

Слайд 15

The further life of the Queen Elizabeth II It is remarkable that even in the fifties, it became the first representative of the British monarchy visited New Zealand and Australia with a long-term visit. Nearly forty years later, she also became the first queen to appear official speech at the joint session of both Houses of Congress of the United States of America.

Слайд 16

She is 44. She is 56. She is 62.

Слайд 17

The further life of the Queen Elizabeth II So, as Queen of Canada, she participated in the opening ceremony of the XXI Olympic Games in Montreal, and then as the Queen of England - in such an event held in London. As befits the head of royal house, she took in Windsor Castle representatives of foreign delegations, and actively working on his recreation after Regal palace was badly damaged by fire.

Слайд 18

She is 65. She is 76. She is 82.

Слайд 19

The further life of the Queen Elizabeth II Currently, Elizabeth II remains one of the main symbols of England and throughout the UK. Being in power for over 65 years, she was able to strengthen the authority of the British monarchy and become a real example to follow millions of Britons.

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The Royal Jewelers Jewelry collection of Elizabeth II is one of the largest and most expensive in the world. It collected more than 300 rare jewelers, including many unique items. One of the most interesting parts of the precious collection of Elizabeth II - a collection of tiaras and crowns magnificent, most of which are transferred to the royal family descended.

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Families and children of Queen Elizabeth II Currently, Elizabeth II, as before, is the head of the Windsor dynasty. From marriage to Philip Mountbatten she has four children, the eldest of whom - Prince Charles - is the current heir to the British throne. For today Queen Elizabeth has eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. Junior great-grandson of today's heroines - George, was born in the middle of 2013.

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