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Let’s visit Stonehenge. It is the ancient circle of stones which stands in Southwest England.

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Слайд 5

Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument, presumably built by Druids, members of an order of priests in ancient Britain.

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Слайд 7

Midsummer’s Day, June 24th, is the longest day of the year. On that day you can see a very old custom at Stonehenge, in Wiltshire, England.

Слайд 8

It is one of Europe’s biggest stone circles. A lot of the stones are ten or twelve metres high.

Слайд 9

The earliest part of Stonehenge is nearly 5,000 years old. But what was Stonehenge? A holy place? A market? A magic circle? Or it was a kind of calendar? Scientists believe that the Druids used it for a calendar.

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Слайд 11

The people who started Stonehenge were very primitive. They used no metal and their tools were made of stone, bone and wood.

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Слайд 13

The builders could not read or write, so they left no recorders of the work.

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Слайд 15

It measures 30m in diameter and 4m high. They say it was used for pagan’s religions ceremonies.

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