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SCOTLAND. Варіант 1

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SCOTLAND. Варіант 1

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Слайд 2

THE SYMBOLS OF SCOTLAND ARE… St. Andrew the flag thistle

Слайд 3

SCOTLAND IS FAMOUS FOR… Haggis- a food made from the organs of sheep and oatmeal. Kilts - traditional Scottish woolen cloth costume with a tartan or plaid pattern. This is a skirt that men wear. Bagpipers - people who play the bagpipes, a traditional Scottish instrument

Слайд 4

FAMOUS SIGHTS IN SCOTLAND Stirling Castle from medieval times is near Edinburgh. It is open to visitors. Holly rood Palace is the residence of the Queen when she is in Edinburgh Edinburgh Castle is a castle with ghosts. Stirling Castle

Слайд 5

GLASGOW But Glasgow is the largest city of Scotland..

Слайд 6

SCOTTISH CULTURE Scots celebrate many holidays. Edinburgh Festival Scottish families are called clans and each clan has a special plaid to show what their family is. These are the plaids on their kilts.

Слайд 7

SCOTLAND’S IMPORTANT PEOPLE Sir Arthur Conan Doyle - the author of Sherlock Holmes mysteries. Robert Louis Stevenson - author of Treasure Island Walter Scott was a famous historical novelist and poet. Alexander Graham Bell - inventor of the telephone Robert Burns – famous Scottish poet

Слайд 8

As for me, Scotland is a beautiful country with its customs  where   two styles of Victorian and modern art are combined in each city  and I would advise everyone to go there.

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