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Різдвяні традиції Великобританії

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Різдвяні традиції Великобританії

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Слайд 2

It's Christmas! Merry Christmas! Yes, it's merry, merry Christmas, it's time for hanging stockings, It's time for riding sleighs, It's time for jolly greeting, Snow and holly, overeating, Oh, I love you merry Christmas, You're the best of holidays.

Слайд 3

Christmas comes on the 25th of December. Due to Queen Victoria and her husband Prince Albert the United Kingdom started celebrating what we know as “traditional British Christmas”. Before Queen Victoria British Christmas was based on old pagan traditions and was mainly for adults.

Слайд 4

They say the first Christmas tree appeared in Germany in 1521. And it was Prince Albert who brought it to Britain. In 1841 Queen Victoria and Prince Albert had a lighted tree at Windsor Castle.

Слайд 5

The central decoration at home still remains the Christmas tree.

Слайд 6

Слайд 7

Each Christmas people lit candles.

Слайд 8

It can be on the door or wall

Слайд 9

They are regarded as symbols of life.

Слайд 10

Poinsettia is the Christmas symbol too.

Слайд 11

Silent Night, Holy Night! All is calm, all is bright. Round the Virgin Mother and Child. Holy infant so tender and mind, Sleep in heavenly peace, Sleep in heavenly peace.

Слайд 12

Слайд 13

Christmas pudding is decorated with a small branch of holly on the top.

Слайд 14

Слайд 15

You can of course receive Christmas card by e-mail.

Слайд 16

Слайд 17

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