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Презентація на тему:
Publications and Presentations in English

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Publications and Presentations in English

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

Publications and Presentations in English Prof. Edo Forsythe Hirosaki Gakuin University

Слайд 2

Introducing Edo TESOL 2006 ACTFL 2009 NECTFL 2009 TESOL 2009 JALTCALL 2011 JALT 2011

Слайд 3

Presentation Topics Why publish and present in English How / Where to Publish Creating a Presentation in English Preparing to Present Giving a Great Presentation Teaching Presentation Skills

Слайд 4

Why English?

Слайд 5

English is the new Lingua Franca and the world is now flat. We are all Global Citizens and our peers are everywhere.

Слайд 6

Today’s Key Point! Keep It Simple Make It INTeresting

Слайд 7

How to Publish in English Most major journals are also online They want international authors Technology makes access easy

Слайд 8

Practice writing research papers Start short and progress to longer papers Write in Japanese first Translate into simple and clear language Have a native speaker check Find the right publication Follow their submission guidelines closely How to Publish in English

Слайд 9

Things to Remember When submitting articles, remember Word limits / length matter Follow right style (APA / MLA) Send everything needed Be careful with images / tables / charts and Follow the rules and you’ll be published.

Слайд 10

Where to Publish? Try presenting at a conference and publishing in the proceedings