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House cottage

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House cottage

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Презентація по слайдам:

Слайд 1

aerial banister basement bay window chimney conservatory door doorbell doorstep drive fence flowerbed garage garden shed garden gate guttering hedge landing lawn loft path roof skylight stairs window windowsill

Слайд 2

a piece of equipment consisting of a long thin piece of metal, used to receive radio or television signals aerial

Слайд 3

chimney a tube or passage that takes smoke from a fire up through a building and out through the roof

Слайд 4

the top outer part of a building roof

Слайд 5

hedge a line of bushes or small trees growing close together around a garden or field

Слайд 6

a building for keeping a car in, especially one that is connected to or near your house garage

Слайд 7

an area of grass that is cut short, especially in someone’s garden lawn

Слайд 8

gate a door in a fence or wall that you go through to enter or leave a place

Слайд 9

door a large flat object you open when you want to enter or leave a building, room, or vehicle

Слайд 10

a set of steps that allow you to go from one level of a building to another stairs

Слайд 11

window a frame in a wall with glass in it that lets light and air into a room and lets you see what is outside

Слайд 12

windowsill a shelf under a window

Слайд 13

fence a flat upright structure made of wood or wire that surrounds an area of land