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Слайд 1

University of Oxford

Слайд 2

Oxford is one of oldest and most famous cities in the world. It is famous for it’s university, the Oxford University. It also called a city of students, because over 12000 students live and study here in thirty-five colleges. Oxford is a place of young people and old traditions; teachers, for example, are called “dons” and still wear black gowns University of Oxford

Слайд 3

Students here are taught one-to-one in the Socratic tradition. At the libraries you can still see notices written in Latin – the ancient language of scholars. Students here are surrounded by old stone buildings. One of them is Hertford College, one of the smallest colleges in the university. About two hundred students live and work here. But Oxford is not all work, there are lots of clubs and other interesting places for students and dons to visit.

Слайд 4

For example the Sheldonian Theater, which is used for concerts and university’s ceremonies. There is a bookshop opposite the theater, where people can buy books. It is one of the world’s biggest bookshops, with seven kilometers of shelves. There are also lots of pubs and cafes in the city, where you can buy cheap food and drink a cup of coffee with friends. There are two rivers in Oxford. People usually travel along the rivers by boats called “punts”. Oxford is also famous for it’s gardens, which have mazes.

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